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After just one year in business, our combined news website and blog attract over 7,000 readers and 35,000 page views per month, according to Google Analytics and Readership continues to grow extremely fast! is not an “old school” printed newspaper. It’s one of the new brand of local news websites designed for people who prefer to get their news from the Internet.

Owned and published by award-winning newsman, former talk radio show host and Rockwall resident J.J. Smith, we write and post breaking news, feature stories, investigative pieces and editorial opinions about topics that you have told us you care and want to read and learn about.

We try to localize many of the major stories that everyone is talking about. We also do some digging and publish investigative news pieces that no other local media is willing to touch.

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Our initial news and information blog was launched in May, 2008, as In one year, the readership grew from zero to 8,000 visits per month.

On May 15, 2009, the name was changed to to more accurately brand the website for what it is. “Rockwall Rocks!” became the name of publisher J.J. Smith’s blog, where he posts his thoughts and opinions about life and living by beautiful Lake Ray Hubbard.

Our goal is to become Rockwall County”s most popular daily news and information destination, with readership numbering in the millions of visits per month!


Publisher J.J. Smith started his career in Milwaukee WI, as sports editor and assistant news editor of the Menononee Falls News, where he received the award for “Best Sports Section” for weekly newspapers from the Wisconsin Newspaper Association.

From there he became a news feature writer at one of the Midwest’s leading public relations agencies, advancing afterward to become a US Senate campaign press secretary, hospital marketing director, plus advertising and promotions director for Houston’s regional METROpolitan transit authority.

From there he spent 15 years as a radio & TV advertising account manager at several radio stations and cable TV systems in Houston and Dallas.

J.J. Smith is now a veteran advertising and public relations consultant, after working with such leading brands as AMC Theatres, Chevrolet, Dodge, Exxon, Dallas Cowboys Radio Network, KVIL-FM, Macy’s, Six Flags Over Texas, Southwest Airlines and The Houston Chronicle.

During his 30-year career, he’s written and arranged thousands of news stories for TV, radio and print; produced hundreds of radio &  TV ads; negotiated millions of dollars worth of commercials; plus created dozens of single, joint and multi-brand promotions.

J.J., his wife, Roxana, and teenage daughter, Lisa – who now attends UNT – have lived in Rockwall since 2003. They are active in church and in the community.

J.J. is also the founder and director of the Lillian Smith Family Violence Foundation, which directs efforts in media, schools and communities to prevent and end domestic, dating and child abuse across Rockwall County and Dallas-Ft. Worth. Several prominent Rockwall County residents serve as board members of the non-profit organization.