CSCOPE opponent accuses RISD Board Pres. Hamilton of lying to convince Rockwall CSCOPE is needed

ROCKWALL – One of the state’s most outspoken opponents of the highly controversial CSCOPE online curriculum being used by Rockwall ISD teachers and about 75 percent of the state’s school districts has accused RISD Board President Doug Hamilton of lying about CSCOPE in a recent interview in

In an article entitled, “Rockwall School Board President Lies!” on her “Red Hot Conservative” blog, Ginger Russell wrote that “Hamilton’s article is riddled with misstatements and lies”…”in hopes of convincing the Rockwall community that the Marxist Curriculum, CSCOPE, was a great and needed product for Rockwall ISD.”


She continued:


“…below is one question posed to Hamilton about CSCOPE’s Pro Communist material which I can personally say, his response is a lie.”




b) Does CSCOPE indoctrinate students in the concepts of communism, socialism or Marxism?


Absolutely not. I encourage parents and community members to go and talk to a campus principal or a teacher and ask this question. Our teachers are professionals and I have all the faith in the world that RISD teachers are doing their absolute best to teach subjects which may be controversial with the utmost care and that our teachers do not have hidden agendas. The teachers in this district reflect in their classrooms the values of this community!




Russell countered Hamilton’s above answer with another Blog headline.


“To counter his response I have posted David Bellow’s article with Texas Conservative Republican News  that came out today,” she wrote:


“CSCOPE director caught LYING about Communist Chinese Flag Lesson


Russell and her mother, longtime-educator and author of  over 50 children’s science books, Janice VanCleave — who created the website that is critical of CSCOPE — say they are on a mission to alert the public that Texas’ most popular school curriculum is harming school children.


They say they believe CSCOPE lessons contain an anti-Christian, pro-Islamic bias which have been documented. Russell says the lessons are also now being investigated by Texas State Senator Dan Patrick and Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott has also agreed to investigate them.


“CSCOPE is based on a Marxist Philosophy of teaching,” Russell wrote via Facebook to “There is not absolute truth with CSCOPE, everything is debatable, is what the educational establishment call critical thinking. The assessment tests do not go along with the lesson content. I have the state CSCOPE director verifying it. CSCOPE has no outside review process. The lessons are anti-American and pro-Islamic. I have seen all the lessons and American Exceptionalism is not taught. I found a lesson last night where they have the kindergarters celebrating rocks and black soil. SERIOUS!”


“Teachers are scared to speak out for fear of losing their jobs,” she added. “In summary, I am greatly concerned for our country. If children remain under this educational indoctrination our country will no longer be the same.”


She explained that she became involved with RISD when her associate, educator and author Jeanine “Ms. Mac” McGregor, was invited to speak about CSCOPE problems at a recent Rockwall Co. Republican Women’s Club meeting.


In response to Russell’s accusations Hamilton said he is not bothered with people calling him names, but said he is bothered by the accusation that RISD teachers are indoctrinating students in Communism and Marxism because it impunes the integrity of RISD  teachers.


“Thanks for the opportunity to hopefully provide some answers for members of our community that may have some concerns,” he wrote in an email response to


“Apparently, a lady named Ginger Russell from Houston is calling me a liar. At tonight’s school board workshop, some audience members asked me if I intended to reply to her. My response was that I had no idea who she was and have no desire to enter into a war of words with her. In my 12 years on the Board I have taken an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of this great nation four times and so I will defend her right to call me names. I have no problem, nor am I bothered with, people calling me names.”"What does bother me is that by calling me a liar she has impuned the integrity of the RISD classroom teachers. If she believes that our teachers are indoctrinating our students in Communism, Marxism, etc. she does not know our community nor our community’s values.”


“Your questions were fair and deserved to be answered honestly which I have done to the best of my ability. I stand by my responses to your questions as the truth and nothing but the truth. I will defend our great and professional teachers to the very end!”


To my knowledge, she has never stepped foot in one of our classrooms, never spoken to any of our teachers, never spoken to any of our campus principals, and yet she seems to have made it her prerogative to represent herself as somebody who knows more about what is happening in our classrooms than we do.”


“I have an issue with anyone that speaks as an authority but has no substantial evidence with which to back it up.  Yes, CSCOPE is controversial, but I stand by my comments stating that our teachers reflect the high values of our community in their classrooms.”



It was also brought to my attention that in her article she added a link to the ‘Rockwell News’ website. Need I say more?”


When asked if Russell still stands behind her accusation that Hamilton was lying, and perhaps was bordering on libel, she said she did.


“I am not worried at all about my comments. Don’t worry about me,” she wrote.



By J.J. Smith



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  1. Lisa says:

    Notice how the board member defended the teachers, as if they are the ones shoving this shtuff on Texas School Children. Teachers HAVE NO SAY! Don’t let the talking head’s double speak fool ya! If critical thinking was being taught in public schools for the last 20 years, we wouldn’t be giving away our rights to the government! CSCOPE is more of the same thing we’ve been teaching for the last 20 years, repackaged with a bright shiny label, New and Improved! You know, like you get at the store, when the manufacturer wan’t to give you less product but get you to pay the same price!

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