Educator tells Rockwall audience that CSCOPE hurts children

ROCKWALL – Have you heard about the controversial CSCOPE online school curriculum program which most Texas school districts are currently using? Opponents say it distorts American history, overemphasizes the Muslim faith and requires teachers to promise not to reveal the contents to parents.

At the Rockwall Republican Women’s Club meeting last night, about 100 people gathered to learn more about CSCOPE from educator and author Jeanine McGregor, “Ms. Mac.”

She warned that CSCOPE hurts children and must be completely eliminated.

Watch the interview above, produced with Cassie’s Video Productions.

By J.J. Smith

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4 Responses for “Educator tells Rockwall audience that CSCOPE hurts children”

  1. Tina Millican says:

    I have not spoken with him personally, however, I have been told that he gives a vague answer to the question, “Do you support or oppose CSCOPE”?

  2. Bill Watts says:

    I became aware of CSCOPE many years ago when a teacher buddy called me and said, “You won’t believe this but we were told that we have CSCOPE this year. I’ve got to spend the next two weeks learning about it and then rewrite what I’m going to teach. We’re not going to have any books. The principal is touting the fact that we are going to save money and he is giving each teacher two reams of paper. CSCOPE will save the school so much money.”
    A few weeks later the teacher buddy called me and said, “This is a joke! They are making me spend two weeks on stuff that I taught in the first few days with the old curriculum. I’ve already had to by a box of paper and next week I’m going to have to buy another because this CSCOPE #### requires the printing of so much junk. My grade level is spending every moment and evening printing. Our old printer broke down and the principal did nothing but blame us, (the teachers) for breaking the printer.”
    Last year I learned that my grandson didn’t like it and listed things that he didn’t like. A close friend’s daughter also complained about CSCOPE last year. Many of my teacher buddies whose school adopted CSCOPE said the same thing: “We hate it!”
    This year was about the same but I didn’t really follow what was going on until I came across Michelle Smith’s posting concerning a CSCOPE information session in Plano. No one could attend and I told everyone I would go.
    The information was overwhelming. I hadn’t realized that CSCOPE was part of the Common Core, program designed to take over the ISD’s across America by the federal government. I’ve researched the Common Core and it is a snare using federal dollars to entice states to adopt the program.
    The more I researched the CSCOPE program I realized that it was not a curriculum based product but a computer program that could be altered at any time with a haphazard scope and sequence and some misalignment with the TEKS.
    As far as I can tell, CSCOPE used a back door in Texas education law, the regional centers ( ) to circumvent TEA and State Board of Education. Somehow they managed to entice regional centers into helping them sell the program. Apparently there is a lot of money involved in this approach. I’m still trying to get information on the money trail. When you follow the logic of this approach someone at TEA and the State Board of Education had to be looking the other way. The numbers of schools that have CSCOPE as their curriculum indicate a “blind eye” somewhere. You can find the Texas Education Law at to check for yourself.
    I’m a computer nut, a geek, have to have the newest and best in technology therefore, I put together my own computer. I just love it!
    Enough geek speak, I just want you to understand I love technology! I also understand what technology can do because it is so fast and easy to use.
    The CSCOPE program is designed to be updated at any time. For example, if it’s being used in New York and the teachers are on lesson 49 the color pink, the operator can change lesson 49 to yellow without any trouble so that the teachers in the next time zone are teaching the new lesson 49. If a lesson causes problems in Texas the lesson can be changed before the lesson gets to the next time zone.
    This has been demonstrated with the lightning speed that the CSCOPE people can change what was being presented concerning the burkas (I have conflicting reports on the burkas but I am going to leave it in this publication), Tea Party, and other misinformation that people discover to something else.
    Please ask yourself this question; “Do I want a product that is being used as a curriculum that is not vetted and can be changed at any time to educate my children, grandchildren or others children?” A second question, “Do I want a product like CSCOPE that is not vetted and not adopted to be used to educate our children?” Textbooks are vetted and go through an adoption process, CSCOPE was not. I’ve served on committees to adopt textbooks and it is a long heart-felt process trying to decide what is best for the children. One last question, “Would you risk your child being exposed to something that could be harmful?” Remember, CSCOPE can change its content at any time. The materials that we can view in the computer lab at Rockwall ISD may be changed at any time. Therefore, what you see may not be what your child can see.
    As a counselor I have an oath to “do no harm” but the CSCOPE program does not have an oath because it is based on the philosophy of the Social Constructivism Ideology of the Progressive/Liberal/Radical Theories of social learning and those ideals are based upon the notion of collectivism, socialism and governmental control of individuals.
    I began posting the materials that I had collected at the Plano meeting on my Facebook page and Michelle Smith let me post on her web site as well. The more I posted I realized something needed to be done. I saw a post that said someone needs to educate the citizens of Rockwall on CSCOPE.
    At that time I decided to do something about it and offered to speak anywhere, any time, and any place about the CSCOPE program. A few days later after talking to my wife I decided to run for the Rockwall ISD school board so that I could expose this madness to the Rockwall ISD board and work to replace it with a traditional curriculum that we know will work.
    Little did I know that there was already opposition to the CSCOPE program and I was ecstatic!
    Even if I am not elected I am making contacts within the community and I can be a voice against CSCOPE in the future.

  3. Is Jon Bailey for it?

  4. Tina Millican says:

    Well I guess I will be voting for Jim White
    and not voting for Shana Young.

    Bill Watts has told me personally that he is against keeping CSCOPE so he gets my vote too.

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