Reader’s Opinion: CSCOPE – Hurting Our Children

CSCOPE is a controversial Texas curriculum being utilized in nearly 80% of Texas school districts. It has been revealed that many CSCOPE lessons are based on the ideology of Marxism, humanism, and socialism. Lessons with anti-American and anti-Christian content have been discovered.

CSCOPE ignores American exceptionalism, geography, cursive writing, spelling, and memorization of multiplication facts, just to name a few shortcomings.

Parents and citizens should ask their local school boards to conduct a local review of their own curriculum before agreeing to use it for the next school year.

We should also call our state representatives and senators, and insist that curriculum, including CSCOPE, receive a total review by the State Board of Education, for ideology and misrepresentation to local school boards.

Specifically, Senate Bill 1406 (Senators Dan Patrick and Donna Campbell) and HB 760 (Representative Steve Toth) address CSCOPE, and deserve our support.

By Tina Millican


P.S.  Michelle Smith is in Austin today speaking in support of the above mentioned Senate Bill 1406.  She is speaking on behalf of Concerned Women of America.


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