Swimming pool child safety tips provided by Hobert Pools

ROCKWALL – Warmer weather is approaching, Spring Break is almost here and that means more children will soon be playing in back yards and swimming pools.

The Rockwall News asked Hobert Pools General Manager Stu Schlackman to recommend swimming pool child safety tips for Rockwall area parents. He has 25 years of swimming pool industry management experience.

Hobert Pools has built over 11,000 pools across DFW since Hobert Murphree founded the company in 1975.

Schlackman’s recommendations are:

  1. Be aware of where your children are at all times
  2. Ensure a parent or responsible adult is watching your child by your pool at all times
  3. Place locks on the inside of your back door and front door so children can’t go outside without your knowledge
  4. Make sure the key is taken out of the lock and placed in a secure spot
  5. Install dead-bolt locks on doors
  6. Install $2 metal clasps on the inside of each door which screw into the post so a child cannot open the door
  7. Close and lock backyard fences at all times, so neighbors’ children cannot enter your yard
  8. Build a wooden fence around back yard pools according to community ordinances and state law
  9. Consider the option of installing a wire mesh fence that can be purchased separately with a gate and lock around the entire pool
  10. Install video monitors outside facing your pool so the pool can be monitored at all times from inside the home
  11. Ensure there is nothing located around your pool which could cause a child to trip or fall in, such as deck chairs, potted plants, inflatable toys, etc.
  12. Be aware that some decks are sealed which can become slippery
  13. Teach your children never to dive or jump off your diving board sideways
  14. Be very careful what kind of pool toys are available, such as inner tubes and flotation devices
  15. Keep an eye on children playing around rocks or grottos


Schlackman included additional reminders:

“Remember, it only takes a matter of seconds for a two-year-old to swallow water.”

“Grotto rocks may be pretty but use caution when installing them. Whatever can happen will happen, and kids are always going to find the most dangerous places to play.”

“Pool safety is like texting in the car – it only takes a few seconds of not being alert to have a major problem.”

By J.J. Smith, Publisher





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  1. Appreciate this great post on pool safety! Keeping families who own or use a pool is one of our top concerns too. Thanks for the tips Stu!

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