Rockwall Police officer recognized for large number of DWI arrests


ROCKWALL- Rockwall Police Officer Marty Arrowood (right) was recognized recently by the Texas Municipal Police Association as one of the top 10 officers in the State with the most “Driving While Intoxicated” arrests in 2012. Presenting the award to Officer Arrowood is Caleb Williams of the state association.

“We congratulate Officer Arrowood on a truly outstanding accomplishment and a job very well done,” said Rockwall Police Chief Mark Moeller. “Because of his efforts, our streets are much safer.”

One Response to Rockwall Police officer recognized for large number of DWI arrests

  1. It’s not hard to accomplish when, as I heard many state trooper friends state, you can easily fabricate a reason to pull someone over. Not too mention the fact that nowadays you are guilty until proven innocent. Perhaps the statement “our streets are safer now” could apply if the police focused on people committing street violations, instead of staking out bars/restaurants. But then again, they are only children doing what they are told. ………………………………

    Johnny May 28, 2013 at 7:51 pm

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