Mayor Pro Tem White accuses Council member Smith of grandstanding for the media

ROCKWALL – At Monday night’s City Council meeting, Mayor Pro Tem David White angrily lashed out at outgoing Place 5 Council member Michelle Smith, accusing her of “grandstanding for the media” and “pandering to (her) Facebook friends and political cronies” for introducing a resolution to ignore any attempts by the federal government to confiscate firearms, ammunition, or tax gun-owners or force them to register their guns.

A similar resolution was passed last week by League City TX, making it the first city in the nation to try and prevent any potential federal gun control legislation from being enforced in a city.

Although Smith said she tabled the motion because it could not be properly entered on time by City staff before the meeting, White said he wanted his statement (listed below) entered into the minutes of the meeting anyway.

In his statement, White says her resolution is not necessary because the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution already guarantees “that we have the right to defend ourselves with force against government tyranny.”

He wrote that Council members have already sworn to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution and laws of the nation and this state” and to ask them to reaffirm their oath “implies a level of mistrust to their sworn duty.”

He added, “Facebook will not determine his politics or positions.”

“Voting for a resolution to restate what you already swore tells me you didn’t mean it or didn’t understand your oath the first time. This resolution is just Grandstanding for media attention. This is a non binding resolution pandering to Facebook friends and political cronies.”

“This resolution was copy and pasted word for word from League City and is not an original idea by any member of this council. Other cities will not determine my politics or positions.”

“A promise in the form of a resolution from politicians who do so only to promote themselves is not worth the paper on which it is printed.”

Smith told The Rockwall News that she was shocked and very disappointed with White for his comments and statement.

“Mayor Pro-Tem is certainly welcome to his personal opinions,” she said. “His perception of my motives are completely inaccurate as I have already announced I would not seek re-election. Mr. White had a prepared statement which he read which reflected his lack of understanding of what the Resolution clearly was.”

“Mr. White’s reference to “Facebook political cronies” clearly reflects his unwillingness to work with the citizens of the city of Rockwall who support this resolution because many of my ‘Facebook political cronies’ – as Mayor Pro-Tem worded it – are actual constituents of our great city.”

“Unfortunately for the City of Rockwall, we have a few that believe a resolution to affirm our support of our Constitution and, specifically, the Second Amendment is insulting.”

She added that she thinks making a statement that the City of Rockwall will support the Second Amendment makes great sense.

“Our Constitution and associated rights are under assault from the top tiers of government down and we must assert a strong resistance to those efforts from the bottom up, starting with our city councils.”

Apparently others think it makes sense, too.

House Bill 553 was recently filed in Austin expanding League City’s suggestion to a state-wide level. Filed by Dayton’s Rep. John Otto, HB 553 not only mandates that the state nullify any federal firearm and clip regulation, but would also turn any attempted confiscation into a criminal offense.

Following is White’s statement as entered into the minutes:

I would like this entered into the minutes:

“I, _______________________, do solemnly swear (or affirm), that I will faithfully execute the duties of the office of ___________________ of the State of Texas, and will to the best of my ability preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States and of this State, so help me God.”

“That oath clearly states the position of he who swore it – not just regarding the second amendment, but fully for the state and federal constitutions. Voting for a resolution to restate what you already swore tells me you didn’t mean it or didn’t understand your oath the first time.

This resolution is just Grandstanding for media attention. This is a non binding resolution pandering to Facebook friends and political cronies.

Facebook will not determine my politics or positions.

This resolution was copy and pasted word for word from league city and is not an original idea by any member of this council. Other cities will not determine my politics or positions.

A promise in the form of a resolution from politicians who do so only to promote themselves is not worth the paper on which it is printed.

The purpose of the 2nd amendment is not about hunting or protection from criminals. It is the guarantee that we have the right to defend ourselves with force against government tyranny. I have no doubts about the oath and commitment my fellow council members made to the laws and constitutions of the United States and the state of Texas. Asking them to reaffirm their oath implies a level of mistrust to their sworn duty.

We have a city manager we trust and he understands his role and duty to the city of rockwall and the laws and constitution of the united states and state of texas as well as his role and duty to hire a chief of police and fire chief that do the same. I believe this resolution insults our city manager Rick Crowley, Chief of Police Mark Moeller, and Fire Chief Mark Poindexter and all staff by insinuating they won’t fulfill their duties and oath.

There is no resolution that will protect the rights of the citizens of rockwall. Actions speak louder than words. If we doubt that our staff will due their duty, the action is not to pass a resolution. The action to take would be to remove them from their positions.

Numbers 30:2 – Moses
When a man makes a vow to the LORD or takes an oath to obligate himself by a pledge, he must not break his word but must do everything he said.

Matthew 5:37 – Jesus
Let what you say be simply ‘Yes’ or ‘No’; anything more than this comes from evil.

For me to support this resolution, I am stating that my original word is not to be trusted. I gave my word and pledged that oath 2 years ago when I took office and nothing has changed since. If you cannot trust this council to stand behind the oath we all took, it makes no sense that some worthless piece of paper will make you trust us more.

A vote against this resolution is not a vote against the second amendment, it is a vote against selfish political self promotion.”

By J. J. Smith

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15 Responses for “Mayor Pro Tem White accuses Council member Smith of grandstanding for the media”

  1. Ken Sterling says:

    I know both David and Michelle and have the highest regard for both. I am, however, very perplexed as to how anyone could believe David is somehow not in support of individual rights. David is one of the hardest working elected officials I have ever met. For anyone to misjudge David because of an opinion which differs from Michelle’s is absurd. Michelle has every right to present the resolution to be voted on. She is a hard core believer in the individual rights and protecting us from the ever overreaching arms of the federal government. If they can limit our rights on gun ownership, we are going ever faster down the slippery slope of the government usurping rights of the individual, local and state government, churches, the Boy Scouts and a thousand other groups of people who have had their rights taken away in the name of “the so called common good” or the nanny state. Diane Feinstein stated yesterday that people should give up their “personal pleasures” for the safety of society, referring to gun control. I am behind the ideas Michelle has espoused 100%. I have no idea if a resolution passed by Rockwall City Council is valuable or not. As David pointed out, it seems to be redundant of the oaths they are already sworn to protect. While I have next to no method to evaluate the effectiveness of such a resolution, I do know that there is not a stronger supporter of individual rights than David White. This public discourse is unfortunate. I wish it had not happened. No one who knows Michelle and David can doubt the good intentions and beliefs of either. They just disagree on the forum for a message. But no one who knows David will not believe he is a fierce fighter for individuals and the American life style. Folks looking from the outside at this debate should understand the value of each person to the community but should never believe that David is uninformed or not a strong believer in gun ownership rights for worthy Americans. Nothing could be further from the truth.

  2. Gene Lewis says:

    All we witness is a continuous string of politicians who violate their oath of office every day. I suspect very few politicians have ever read the constitution and even fewer understand it. What faith should we have that any one of them would actually adhere to the document or to their oath. We have not seen it in practice. We need solidarity at the local level as a people and we most certainly need to see it with those we elect to serve. At this time, and with the confidence of the people in their elected officials at an all time low, I would think the effort to re-assure your voters would be a welcome opportunity. I stand solidly with Ms. Smith.

  3. Tanya Robertson says:

    Agree! That meeting needs to full of citizens giving testimony for, or against, this Resolution and city council members need to hear from their constituents. When this Resolution was brought to the League City council members during a meeting, the council chambers was full and many citizens let their opinion be heard. Then the Resolution was passed 7-1. (Citizens did spread the word that this was on the agenda.)
    I look forward to following this story and am sending Councilwoman Smith my full support!

  4. G.T. says:

    I was at the council meeting on 02-18-13. It was actually the first council meeting that I have attended in Rockwall (even though I have been a resident of Rockwall for eight years).

    I was VERY disappointed, by the way in which Mayor Pro Tem, turned this into more of an attempt to verbally flog another council member, than to be a leader of his community.

    It was very embarrassing, for me as a resident of Rockwall, to sit and watch what appeared to be some form of a personal attack…extremely unprofessional.

    Also, I am still unsure why the bible scripture from Matthew 5:37 was added into his speech, since the Mayor Pro Tem’s speech was not,”simply ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.

    Matthew 5:37 – Jesus
    “Let what you say be simply ‘Yes’ or ‘No’; anything more than this comes from evil.”

    If you are going to put scripture into a speech, at least make it pertinent to the situation…that was the most disrespectful part of the speech for me to hear.

    It is great for all of us to voice our opinions on here, but it would be better to see people in the council meeting when this issue is brought to the public again.

  5. Dave Mundy says:

    Hmm, I’ll be curious to find out what Mr. White thinks of Gonzales’ actions on Tuesday — passing a similar resolution unanimously and sending the same message to Washington that we sent to Santa Anna in 1835: Come and Take It.

  6. Mike Reid says:

    I agree with the position of Ms. Smith and I am very disappointed in the position taken by the Mayor Pro-Tem.
    I think any opportunity we have as a City, County, or State to reemphasis our steadfast support for the Constitution especially when factions of the Federal Government threaten to undermine it.
    Mr. White needs to rethink his grandstanding move and offer Ms. Smith and the citizens of Rockwall an apology before the next election.

  7. David White told that he stands by his statement submitted to the City, as shown in the above article.

  8. Dennis offutt says:

    Since when have the liberal politicians (at any level of government) paid any attention to the Constitution of the United States (or their oath to support it). I believe we need to take any opportunity available to emphasize our support for all aspects of the U.S. Constitution. Keep up the good work Miichelle!

  9. Mike Covington says:

    I do wish the Mayor Pro Temporary White would explain exactly what reason he believes a city council person who has already announced no desire to run for council again might have for “grandstanding,” “pandering,” and to which “cronies”?
    For in my eyes, the use of the term “cronies” leaves the distinct impression of politicians being involved in some kind of a Quid pro quo arrangement within a circle of power. For instance, real estate developers and people who stand to profit from the way the Rockwall City Council temporary mayor might vote, could be cronies.
    At first blush, it would seem to me Council member Smith’s planned proposal really doesn’t benefit any such “cronies” unless Mayor Pro Temporary White views the taxpaying citizens of Rockwall as, “cronies”?
    Given the above, I suspect most reasonably intelligent Rockwall citizens can determine who is doing the “grandstanding” and possibly the “pandering” to their “cronies.”

  10. Alice Beckerwerth says:

    David White is obviously intelligent and well informed. I do not understand why he would not
    strongly oppose the Government attempts to modify and change the right to keep and bear arms.
    Has he made statements to explain his position? I am a strong believer in the bill of rights and a
    proponent of the right to keep and bear arms. To infringe upon these rights, or seek to modify,
    change and control this, speaks to a government seeking to control, not just arms, but
    Our government has created a shortage of guns and ammo as they buy up huge stashes..
    for use against who? The imagination may be better than the realization of the answer.
    Millions have arms, it is a security blanket over our Consitution and our rights. Properly
    understood, it is the right of the people to confront an over reaching tyrant, and the means
    to succeed.
    David Wright needs to clarify his stance on this issue.

  11. Refounder in Rockwall says:

    Seems to me the only person grandstanding is the Mayor Pro Tem. Isn’t he up for election while Council Member Smith has decided to not seek re-election?
    From where this voter stands, I won’t be supporting Council Member David White. He had a prepared statement for something that wasn’t even on the agenda and then attacked his fellow Council Member for no apparent reason other than just being a bully. This is not what our city needs.
    Shame on David White
    Kudo’s to Michelle Smith

  12. Thank you for your support for the Constitution. I am behind you 110%.

  13. Lynette McCracken says:

    One has only to turn on the news to see our 2nd amendment rights are under attack in this country! Thomas Jefferson said “Eternal vigilance is the price of Liberty!” Keep up the good work Michelle Smith !

  14. Ryan says:

    Mayor Pro Tem White is certainly in the wrong to accuse Council member Michelle Smith of any wrongdoing in this matter. Michelle Smith is a great citizen who does anything in her ability to help serve and protect Rockwall and its constituents. The notion that she would have ulterior motives, such as pandering to political cronies on Facebook or grandstanding the media, to pass important legislation to prevent the Federal government from overriding the will of the citizens of Rockwall is complete hogwash.

  15. Tanya Robertson says:

    Apparently, Mayor Pro-Tem White has no idea of what the federal government is acting on, at this moment. Main stream media is not reporting the executive actions being taken by our president to limit ammo, tax guns (& ammo). and their push for gun owners to re-register guns using a universal registration. (UN initiated.) These are only a few of the actions they are wanting to take. If he had studied any history, he would know that this is the first step to confiscation.
    Councilwoman Smith is brave, and extraordinary, for stepping up to ensure that the citizens of Rockwall’s 2nd Amendment Right is protected, no matter what the federal government’s actions.
    It is my opinion that Mayor Pro-Tem White was the one grandstanding and does not fully understand the oath that he took when he was sworn into office.
    I pray that the citizens, and other council members, rally behind Councilwoman Smith to get the support needed to pass this Resolution, for the protection of all Rockwall citizens.
    Side Note: There are numerous Bills being filed during this legislative session that address this issue on a state level and, hopefully, some of them will pass. Why wouldn’t we want to secure it on a local level to ensure a plan is in place with local Sheriffs, Constables, and Police Depts?

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