Harbor murder victim Jessica Aguilar of Rockwall was mother of 3 children

ROCKWALL – Murder victim Jessica Aguilar, 33, of Rockwall, who was allegedly killed last night at The Harbor by a man she had previously dated, was the mother of three children.

Rockwall Police Public Information Officer Sgt. Aaron McGrew told TheRockwallNews.com this afternoon that detectives told him the youngest child is age 9. He did not know the older children’s ages or where they live.

McGrew said that Aguilar’s male companion, Francisco Delacruz, 40, identified former Hunt Co. Constable Anthony Dewayne Lewis as the man who shot him and Aguilar at The Harbor last night and confirmed that Aguilar and Lewis had previously dated.

McGrew said he did not think that any of the children were fathered by Lewis.

Delacruz is currently recovering from the gunshot wounds he suffered at Baylor Medical Center in Dallas, confirmed Sgt. McGrew.

He added that Lewis did undergo surgery either last night or this morning for his wounds suffered from last night’s shoot-out with law enforcement officers in Greenville where he was captured and arrested. His wounds were primarily to his arms and legs and McGrew did not know his current condition or whether he will survive.

Rockwall Police said earlier today if Lewis survives, he will be charged with murder and attempted murder.

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