Want to vote for who wins $5,000 worth of dental services by Smile Ranch Dentistry?

HEATH – Four finalists were selected yesterday by Dr. Robyn Abramczyk and her staff at Smile Ranch Dentistry for their second annual $5,000 dental services giveaway contest.

The public is now invited to read their stories and vote for a winner at the Smile Ranch Dentistry Facebook page. You can access their Facebook page whether or not you use or have a Facebook account. Just click on the link or search in your browser for:

Their stories were submitted by family members or friends.

The winner will be announced soon.

The finalists are (details taken from entry submissions):

Charles Campbell – who lost his dental insurance when he retired from US Army after suffering a brain injury while serving in Iraq for two years and his teeth are “destroyed” from limited access to toothpaste, food and dental care

Robyn Lewis Doucet – who has battled gum and teeth infections since she was an infant and lost dental insurance in 2011 after she and her family were involved in serious auto accident and her husband was unemployed for one year

Josh Hudgins – who was laid off in 2011 for one year, could not afford dental services and now has chipped and broken teeth

Pam Morrison – who is now on disability after raising her three younger siblings after their father died

By J.J. Smith, Publisher



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