Police to meet Lakeside Village residents tonight to answer questions about armed felon incident

ROCKWALL – Rockwall Police have announced they will meet with Lakeside Village residents tonight to answer their questions and concerns about the handling of the incident last Saturday morning when armed felon Cody Lee Welborn was arrested and jailed.

The meeting will be at 7 pm at the Lakeside Village Club House.

Several Lakeside Village residents have sent emails to The Rockwall News since then expressing their outrage that Rockwall police and a SWAT team from Garland were ordered by a police “chief” to leave the area after the ex-convict stole a rifle, ammunition and a laptop from a resident’s car and was on the loose in Lakeside Village.

According to resident Alexandra Harvey, had it not been for the bravery of resident Craig Morrisey, a former DFW area SWAT Team Commander, the Aryan Brotherhood member may never have been caught and could easily have harmed Village residents.

Morrissey, the father of the young man whose belongings were stolen, told The Rockwall News that he decided to enter the house where Welborn was believed to be after police left because it is illegal for a felon to have a firearm, they wanted their belongings back and somebody needed to protect subdivision residents. He said he couldn’t believe that the SWAT Team and other officers were ordered to leave,  but he did have high praise for the officers whom he said all acted very professionally and seemed genuinely troubled when they were ordered to leave.

Morrissey explained that had it not been for the Rockwall police officer who came back and followed him into the house, entering the house may have caused him great harm. He did not know the officer’s name except his first name was Chris.

Morrissey said after he found Welborn passed out in an upstairs bedroom and then revived him, the suspect started swinging wildly out of control at him. Morrissey said the Rockwall police officer even had to use a taser to stop the suspect from harming Morrissey or anyone else.

He added that the reason his son’s .22 gauge rifle, ammunition and laptop were left in his vehicle was because he was leaving on a hunting trip that night. When he returned to the vehicle from their home and found his belongings missing, he saw Welborn running away with them in his hands. For several hours, police were unable to find Welborn, and Morrissey said that’s when officers were surprisingly ordered to leave the scene.

Many Lakeview Village residents are expected to attend the meeting, which The Rockwall News will cover and report on tomorrow.

By J.J. Smith

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3 Responses for “Police to meet Lakeside Village residents tonight to answer questions about armed felon incident”

  1. J says:

    You’re not allowed to steal hard working citizens’ property(especially a firearm) and be able to be considered not violent in society! You get YOU’RE* facts straight Liz! I’m tired of low lives thinking they can skim by off of hard working, tax paying people for the rest of their lives. He told the police to go f*** themselves when they finally went to the front door, while he had a rifle. What do you call that??

  2. brandon says:

    Ive known cody many years and the person who typed this is obviously lying because cody is not a member of the aryan brotherhood!

  3. Liv says:

    I call bullcrap. I knew the suspect hes troubled but nevr was a violent offender. Get ur facts straight! He woke up with a taser in his stomach,yeah they revived him by tasing the crap outa him.

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