Gov. Perry: Let teachers, administrators carry concealed weapons

NORTH RICHLAND HILLS — Texas Gov. Rick Perry told a TEA Party group Monday that he supports allowing teachers and administrators to carry concealed handguns in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting that left 20 children and six adults dead.

When asked about making gun control laws stricter he said that he believes, although local school districts should determine their own policies, if someone has obtained a concealed-handgun license, they should be able to carry their hand gun anywhere in Texas.

He received loud applause from the crowd when he said he had read about one district allowing teachers, administrators and others to carry weapons at school.

Perry added that he believed lawmakers should consider mental health issues, as well, to make schools safer.

By J.J. Smith





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2 Responses for “Gov. Perry: Let teachers, administrators carry concealed weapons”

  1. Stan Randall says:

    Mr. McKissack,
    Your worst case scenarios have not occured in school districts that DO allow teachers to carry concealed weapons. And teachers and citizens have used their weapons to thwart spree shooters, successfully. Though it seems strange, the spree shooters appear to quit when confronted by an armed person. They are either shot, or they commit suicide, or they surrender.

    The uncertainty of knowing who is and who is not armed makes ‘Gun Zones’ far, far safer than Gun Free Zones. For instance, you can compare the murder rates of Chicago (strictest level of gun control) to Dallas, which has shall issue concealed carry permits.

    BTW, though you may not realize it, parents ARE carrying on campus. Parents with concealed carry permits have the right to escort their children to the school entry. You might also be surprised to hear than none of them have started shooting indiscriminately, caused ‘exponential’ collateral damage, or any of the other ‘worst case scenarios’ always posited by ‘progressives’.

    Teachers in Israel carry weapons. Many carry fully automatic weapons. There have been ZERO teacher related casualties, except for a handful of terrorists that thought a school would be a soft target. Your hypothesis is worse than invalid. It is

  2. I think Governor Perry proved during the Presidential debates that he often “speaks” before he really “thinks” through an issue. While school districts are certainly free to do as they’d like regarding allowing teachers to carry firearms on campus, they had better also be prepared for the flood of negligence lawsuits that will follow when (1) students take an unattended weapon from a teacher and use it against a fellow student or the teacher, (2) if a teacher “feels” threatened by a student and uses it, or (3) in the case of a true shooter scenario when the body count was found to be exponentially increased when “friendly fire” was found to be the cause. There is a more logical approach that can help (safely) achieve the same goals, but this is NOT that approach. These are teachers, let them teach. There are others that can be brought into this equation (i.e. “hired” on campus) to help address the issue of safety.

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