Talking to your kids about the Snapchat App, AKA The Sexting App

NEW YORK CITY – The editor of, Liz Gumbinner, talked to The Today Show this morning about the pitfalls of SnapChat, the most popular app you’ve probably never heard of.  But you should. Especially if you’re the parent of a  teen.

Also known as the “sexting app,” this popular app (more downloads than even Instagram!) allows the user–with an average age of 13-24–to send a photo with text or a drawing over it to a contact, then set the photo to self-destruct in 10 seconds or less. The problems? Well, the promise of photos with no evidence can easily lure kids into more risky behavior than they might normally take.

Unfortunately however, the contact has the ability to take a screenshot. And then what he does with that screenshot is out of your hands. The last thing you want is for your teen to make a silly mistake that ends up as a compromising photo or embarrassing text that spreads all over the internet, and has potentially long-term consequences.

Read her top 4 tips for handling SnapChat if you’re a parent with a tween or teen.


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