Rep. Ralph Hall will serve into his 90s if re-elected

(Ft. Worth Star-Telegram) WASHINGTON – There is no safe haven in politics, even for the oldest member of Congress, as U.S. Rep. Ralph Hall, R-Rockwall, 89, found out this year.

Hall is facing two opponents on Election Day after facing down two challengers and outside money in the primary last May.

Hall is more relaxed, but only a little, now, than he was during his primary challenge, when he decided to prove his fitness by jumping out of an airplane. Last month, he decided to get voters’ attention by riding an elephant at the Fannin County GOP picnic.


3 Responses for “Rep. Ralph Hall will serve into his 90s if re-elected”

  1. Deborah says:

    There is no age maximum in the qualifiers for that and many other offices. I have voted for him but not in the last couple of elections. If I owned a company and had some employees who didn’t want the company to be successful because it might make me look good, so they pledged to throw up road blocks at everything that I asked them to do(even if it is a bloody brilliant idea and the right thing) I am not going to keep them on the payroll, and their offices and staff and it would be stupid of me to keep paying for their non-work. The GOP in Congress and some other offices have declared that anything that comes before them from the DNC or a Democrat is an automatic NO even if it is the right thing and smart thing and best thing to do. But I will not base my vote on something that does not disqualify them from holding the office. That includes age

  2. Ken Dickson says:

    There is no doubt as to Ralph’s youthfullness! He responds to his constituitants personally as well as “get’s the job done” for the entire District.

  3. Joe D says:

    Ralph Hall the former Democrat who turncoated to stay in Office NAP TIME RALPH

    Hope the voters turn out Brian Williams a corrupt Judge

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