Rockwall Police arrest 3 home burglary suspects near Foxchase subdivision

ROCKWALL -  Rockwall Police arrested three suspects for Conspiracy to Commit Burglary recently after a homeowner in the Fox Chase subdivision  reported seeing them in her backyard looking into her home through a window and a quick-thinking neighbor working in his yard provided a vehicle description.

According to the story typed on the “Rockwall Police Department” Facebook page,  the burglars quickly ran away when they saw the homeowner, but she was able to get a good description of their clothing before they left.
With vehicle and clothing descriptions in hand, police officers saw and stopped the suspect vehicle driving away on Ridge Rd. The suspects were interviewed and admitted that they were planning on burglarizing the house but ran away when they saw the homeowner. They are now facing felony charges.
“This is a good example of citizens being aware of what it going on around them and calling the police when they see something suspicious,” reads the post on the Facebook page.

“If it had not been for the homeowner and the neighbor getting a good description of the burglars and their vehicle, the police officers could not have located the suspects so quickly and the suspects would have probably burglarized another home in the area. Instead the suspects were arrested and are now facing felony charges.”

No other information is available.

By J.J. Smith


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