Heath student says violent school fight shown in video started by bully

HEATH – Last Wednesday morning a violent fight broke out between two girls at Rockwall-Heath High School and it was all captured on video and then posted on Facebook by several students.

Loud screaming and yelling can be heard and dozens of students can be seen surrounding the two girls during the 1:14 video shown below. The incident has already received TV News coverage from CBS11-TV and NBC5-TV.

A male teacher intervened and broke up the fight, according to 16-year-old junior Kierra Perry, whom the video shows was punched several times and then pushed back.

“She was hitting me hard and it hurt,” said Perry, who said the first punch landed right between her eyes. “Then I felt angry and decided I was not going to get beat up anymore. I was going to defend myself and hit back. She is a really big girl and I was scared, but I counted to three, got up off my knee and then pushed her back.”

Perry and her parents told TheRockwallNews.com that this wasn’t the first time that the other, as-yet, unnamed girl has bothered her.

“The girl has been bullying Kierra ever since the 8th grade,” said Tammy Perry, her mother. She said the family does not know why the other girl has been taunting Kierra for so long, but said the girl and her friends have bullied a number of other students, as well.

They said now they have had enough and intend to put a stop to it. They have a meeting scheduled with Heath High principal Tom Maglisceau to discuss the incident.

Both students were expelled Thursday and Friday, plus received citations for disorderly conduct from the Heath Department of Public Safety.

Rockwall ISD is investigating all sides of the incident. Spokesperson Sheri Fowler said it could not comment on the details of the fight, but sent the following statement to TheRockwallNews.com:

“The Rockwall Independent School District takes any allegation of bullying extremely seriously. Although we cannot discuss individual student discipline issues, I can tell you that we are investigating the allegations in question both at the campus and district levels. It is always our goal to work in partnership with parents and students to quickly address and resolve such issues.”

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