CORRECTION: Mayor Sweet was misquoted in earlier church sign story

ROCKWALL – For those of you who read this morning’s story about the church signs, please re-read that story with a correction now listed or read this notice below which is an important correction of quotes attributed to Mayor David Sweet in that article.


Apparently this reporter misunderstood Mayor David Sweet and incorrectly quoted him in the above article where the 2 bold face paragraphs are. For that I sincerely apologize. The Mayor explained that I mixed up sign regulations and banner regulations, which he said are completely different.

Mayor Sweet wrote in a text early this afternoon: “I completely support sign ordinances across the board with opportunity to request variances.”

The way I should have quoted him in the above article is the following, which he just texted to me:

“I have been part of this discussion about regulation banners for a couple of years now. Several of our residents complained to me about the banners along Ridge Rd. at I-30, as well as the ones at Lakeshore and 66.”

“Obviously as we made some of the changes we didn’t address the usage of on-site banners on private property, such as VBS banners used by churches. The vast majority of those banners are pre-made, are only for limited amount of times and I believe the organization could manage the appearance of those signs.”

“I have no problems with the regulations we have implemented in other cases with banners and obviously these changes have nothing to do with regular signage. We regulate size, the type of materials, the number of signs per location and already have a variance process in place, and I am fine with that.”

Again, I apologize for my misunderstanding and miscommunication.

By J.J. Smith, Publisher

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