Local GOP delegates Fisk, Russo tweeting live from Republican Convention this week

TAMPA FL – Rockwall Co. Republican Party Chairman Tony Fisk (above left) and newly-elected Precinct 3 Justice of the Peace Mark Russo (right) are among the thousands of GOP delegates and alternates attending the National Republican Convention this week.

Selected at the recent Texas GOP convention as a national delegate with the right to vote, Fisk was among the thousands who voted yesterday to nominate Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan as the Republican Party’s nominees for President and Vice President of the U.S.

Russo is an alternate, in case a delegate is not able to attend or participate.

Fisk arrived in Tampa Saturday, Aug. 25. Soon after, Russo posted Fisk’s photo at the airport with baggage in hand on Facebook with the caption:  “The Eagle has landed!”

Both delgates’ earliest  tweets, posts and photos concerned Tropical Storm Issac.

On Aug. 25 he tweeted:  “In Tampa. No rain yet.” That was followed shortly after by “Ok, the rain begins.”

On Facebook he posted: “RNC cancelled on Monday. Concerns are around Isaac expecting to hit Tampa area early Monday AM. Caution is probably best in the grand scheme of things.”

Russo tweeted five times Aug. 25 about their nice welcome, watching a Barry Goldwater nomination speech video, plus:

“The Texas Delegation is clearly energized!”

Aug. 26, Fisk tweeted about the beginning of the Convention:

“Got “credentialed” and some swag. Delegate meeting in an hour and the RNC welcome event tonight at the Trop.”

On Tuesday, Fisk and Russo each tweeted and messaged about the delegate seating issue.

Fisk then tweeted 10 more times that day about seeing the new “2016 Obama” movie, a joint event between Colorado and Texas, plus traveling in the shuttle buses through the protestors and crowd.

About 2016, he said: “WOW! Enlightening movie, suddenly things now makes sense,” was his next tweet. “Not mean-spirited but educational. Go see it (left or right)!”

Aug. 28 he tweeted that he was excited to get all “duded” out for the day, in his cowboy hat and texas flag shirt. Then he became emotional and wrote: “Choked back tears when I stepped on the floor…”

Russo also sent photos himself in a Texas shirt and cowboy hat.

Yesterday, Fisk tweeted eight times about the speakers and more.

“Proud to be an American takes new meaning being sung here, currently.”

“Ann’s a rockin’…” (Ann Romney)

“Christie’s a rocking’…..” (New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie)

Russo tweeted that Tagg Romney and David Dewhurst spoke to the Texas delegation today.

His most recent tweet last night was: “The job to restore America has begun!#GOP2012″

You can follow Fisk on Twitter at @TonyFisk2 and on Facebook.

Follow Russo on Twitter at @rockwall13 and on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/mark.russo.7549.

By J.J. Smith




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