Son writes Father’s Day tribute for his father, “Voice of Rockwall” Gary Freedman


Letter To The Editor:  More than “The Voice.”

As we celebrate and spend time this Father’s Day with the Dads and Granddads in our lives, it’s important to give thanks and show them love.  Some of us are lucky for the chance to embrace our fathers this Sunday, while others are reminded of how their lives were shaped by their father over the years.

I would like to take a few paragraphs to put the spotlight on a man that many of you in the Rockwall community know and love.  Like a famous prize fighter he is known by many names and aliases.  Friends and colleagues call him Gary, Mr. Gary, Big Tex, or even the “Voice of Rockwall”.  To me he is simply…Dad.

His selfless contributions to the lives of many in Rockwall County are well documented.  But this is not what drives him to help out a business, community playhouse, or even a beloved Congressmen.  Gary Freedman (shown above) is merely driven by the opportunity to make a difference by whatever means possible.  And for this I could not be more proud as a son.

My family and I were recently blessed to spend a week visiting the city of Rockwall and the surrounding areas.  Along the way we were lucky to meet many of the true pillars of the community.  To a man they had nothing but glowing comments to offer about my Dad.  Sure, I knew what kind of father and grandfather he was to my family.  But you never know the reputation of a man or woman in their hometown until you speak to the neighbors and residents.  After all, a story is only words on a piece of paper until it comes to life before your eyes through the conversations of the actors and actresses.  This week was confirmation that my father is much more than the stories he tells.

He and his beautiful wife Debbie – I think calling her Mom now may be more fitting – showed my wife and two boys the trip of a lifetime.  This vacation didn’t involve roller coasters, sun-drenched beaches, or four-star hotels.  We were instead treated to a week filled with backyard conversations, local restaurateurs and business owners, and the true charm of the great state of Texas.  These adventures will be etched in our memories forever.

I would like to close by saying how eternally grateful I am to call Gary Freedman my Dad for all these years.  I can hardly keep from grinning ear to ear in boundless pride as I recount what he truly means to me and the lives of my family.  Lastly, I ask a big favor from the wonderful residents of Rockwall County.  For those of you fortunate to cross paths with Gary Freedman on Father’s Day, please give him a big Texas-sized hug for me and tell him I said Happy Father’s Day.

Warm Regards,
Jon Freedman

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  1. This is without question the greatest Fathers Day gift any man can receive. I am truly blessed to have a son like Jon . When I look at his family and see the results of his efforts in developing good kids, it is overwhelming.Jon and his wife Lisa , are two of the most wonderful people you could hope to meet,and I am blessed to have them as my son and daughter in law .I thank all of my friends who were so nice to them when they visited last week, you are truly appreciated.
    Gary Freedman

    Gary Freedman June 13, 2012 at 12:53 pm

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