Frisco motivational speaker Scott Turner defeats Rockwall attorney Jim Pruitt in State House 33 race

ROCKWALL – In a big surprise, former pro football player and motivational speaker Scott Turner (left) from Frisco defeated Rockwall attorney and former twice-elected Dallas County judge Jim Pruitt in yesterday’s Republican Primary Election for the new State House District 33 seat.

Since there is no Democratic opposition, Turner will become the next State Representative for Rockwall County.

Since Rockwall County has about twice as many registered Republicans as the portion of Collin County included in District 33, Turner faced an uphill fight but he had strong support from Evangelical Christians. He is a part-time minister at the huge Prestonwood Baptist mega-church in Plano.

Apparently many Rockwall County voters did not care if they have a representative who resides in Rockwall County in Austin. Turner now becomes the fifth state lawmaker who resides in Collin County. Rockwall County has none.

In what was expected to become a battle between counties, Turner easily beat Pruitt in Collin County with 3,297 votes (76%) to 1,049 votes (24%).

He almost defeated Pruitt in Rockwall County, where Pruitt received 3,828 votes (52%) and Turner obtained 3,532 (48%) votes.

The total votes were 6,829 (58%) for Turner and 4,877 (42%) for Pruitt of the 11,706 votes cast in both Counties.

Eighteen percent, or 8,479 voters out of 46,131 Republican and Democrat registered voters in Rockwall County, cast ballots during the Texas Primary Election.

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By J.J. Smith, Publisher


4 Responses for “Frisco motivational speaker Scott Turner defeats Rockwall attorney Jim Pruitt in State House 33 race”

  1. Wilma Carroll says:

    Scott Turner, man of integrity. I am proud to know him.

  2. Andrew says:

    Well Ken, before you start throwing rocks at Scott Turner, perhaps you should take things up with Speaker of the House Joe Straus. He wanted to push conservative Ken Paxton out of the district by redrawing the district lines. Kind of backfired on Straus though. Now Paxton is a State Senator and Collin/Rockwall counties have an even more outspoken conservative. Poetic justice, if you ask me. Besides, Rockwall needed a bit a of refresh politically. Turner’s a good man – give him a chance!

  3. Ken Dickson says:

    A former football player,part-time preacher, motivational speaker (?), former congressional candidate (California), BIG MONEY FROM PACS, does not make a rep! Welcome to Rockwall…ruled in Austin by Collin County!…with their 5 reps!!

  4. Erin says:

    We are so proud of you Scott Tuner.

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