Run-off elections will be needed for County Commissioner, Justice of Peace races

ROCKWALL – Run-off elections will be required July 31 in the Rockwall County Commissioner Precinct 1 race and two new Justice of the Peace elections, since none of the candidates obtained more than 50 percent of the votes in yesterday’s County Republican Primary Election.

Former Rockwall Mayor Bill Cecil (above left) and former three-term Rockwall City Council member Cliff Sevier (above center) will face off in July since they were the top two finishers in the Precinct 1 Commissioner’s race, with 1,047 votes ((39%) and 956 votes (36%), respectively. Newcomer Dick Demien attracted 661 votes (25%). There were 2,664 total votes cast.

In the new Rockwall Justice of the Peace Precinct 3 election, current three-term Rockwall Council member Mark Russo (above right) and former Rockwall County Judge Chris Florance (bottom left) will advance to the run-off. Russo had 579 votes (44%) and Florance 489 votes (37%). Joe Florey had 254 votes (19%). There were 1,322 total votes cast.

In Royse City, former long-time Rockwall Justice of the Peace David Karr (bottom middle) and former Rockwall District Attorney’s office chief felony administrator Liana Bell Whitten (bottom right) will advance to the new District 4 Justice of the Peace run-off. Karr had 594 votes (48%) to Whitten’s 418 votes (34%). Royse City Council member James Branch received 223 votes (18%). There were 1,235 votes cast.

Eighteen percent, or 8,479 voters out of 46,131 Republican and Democrat registered voters in Rockwall County, cast ballots during the Texas Primary Election.

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By J.J. Smith, Publisher



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