NorthPark Center: Teens no longer allowed after 6 pm without parents, guardians

DALLAS – No longer will Rockwall area teens 17 and under be able to visit NorthPark Center in Dallas after 6 pm without their parents or guardians because, effective yesterday, the mall now has a new Code of Conduct that disallows it.

Loitering, yelling, screaming and the use of offensive language and gestures will no longer be permitted.

A dress code forbids visible undergarments, clothing that obscures the face and clothing with lewd, obscene, vulgar or offensive language or images. Clothing must “adequately cover the body,” so shoppers wearing tank tops or short shorts that reveal too much may be asked to leave the mall.

All visitors must dress “appropriately for a family-oriented shopping center,” according to NorthPark spokeswoman Kristen Gibbins, who said the center plans to enforce the code and that “100 percent” of its retail tenants support it.

She said the mall’s management believes it’s the first local shopping center to suggest what it says are “common sense rules.” About 75 other malls in Florida, North Carolina and Ohio have already adopted similar codes.

NorthPark says it attracts 26 million shoppers annually and expects to exceed sales of $1 billion for the first time in 2012. That would put it among the top five malls in the U.S., Gibbins said. The Center also claims it is the leading destination spot in Dallas County for visitors living at least 50 miles outside Dallas.

NorthPark security began stopping young people yesterday that they believe are violating the rules. Teens are asked to show an I.D. and, if it appears they are 17 and under without parents or guardians, they are asked to call for an adult to either come join them or take them home, Gibbins said.

Teens can still be dropped off to see a movie after 6 pm but must go straight to the theater and get picked up when it ends.

Teens who work in the center are excluded.

The mall has posted its new rules on its directories and added the information to its brochures. You can read the code by clicking here.

By J.J. Smith, Publisher




2 Responses for “NorthPark Center: Teens no longer allowed after 6 pm without parents, guardians”

  1. Stephen says:

    I agree with Scott. The Harbor has become a place parents drop off their kids so they don’t have to deal with them. Some kids I’m sure tell their parents they are going to the movies, when really they aren’t. Kids from 11-16 roam the Harbor aimlessly. Fights are common, drug use occurs, along with other activities parents would not condone. Officers and security personnel are present, but are usually occupied with intoxicated subjects and are not professional babysitters. Maybe the City Council will Follow North Park’s lead.

  2. Scott says:

    Can we get this done at the Harbor as well? We stopped going there as a family in the evenings due to all the teens just hanging out.

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