Vote AGAINST Rockwall Proposition 4 Heritage Park

ROCKWALL – One of the primary reasons that Family Circle magazine called Rockwall “One of the 10 Best Towns in America to Live In” in 2009 was because of the many parks Rockwall has to offer.

The City currently offers at least 16 different parks, including Harry Myers Park – with its lake, trails, dog park and hiking trails – 14 neighborhood parks, the Highway 66 boat ramp park, plus the Leon Tuttle athletic complex and Yellowjacket fields.

While most everyone agrees that city parks are an excellent amenity for every community, the question is do we really need to invest nearly $5 million more right now for still one more park – to show off the rock wall for which the City was named – when the economy is still struggling so badly?

The answer is “No.”

Building a Heritage Park on the lake near Highway 66 sounds like a great idea, but it’s just not the prudent thing to do at the present time – when so many Rockwall homeowners are either unemployed or underemployed. Just ask the good folks at Rockwall Helping Hands how many Rockwall residents have been affected by the downturn in the economy.

Advocates say the potential tax impact would only be 1.3 cents per $100 valuation, or 2.6%, and that’s based upon zero growth in the tax base and all
bonds are issued in a single year rather than phased as the projects are completed over a five-year period.

But when the employment outlook and financial picture look as bleak as they do currently, we believe it would be irresponsible to assume we can just “buy now and pay later.”  That would be like someone who’s unemployed or underemployed going out and borrowing the money now to purchase another car, assuming or betting that he or she will have the job and money needed when it’s time to make the loan payments. That’s what most people did who have had their automobiles repossessed, and it’s not a very good idea.

Once the economy improves, Rockwall residents can always go back to the polls and vote for a beautiful lakeside park for all to enjoy. Now is just not the right time.

We recommend that Rockwall residents vote AGAINST Prop 4, the issuance of $4,950,000 tax bonds to build Heritage Park, on City/School Board Election Day, May 12, or during early voting – continuing through tomorrow.

For election info, see the Rockwall County Elections website at:

By J.J. Smith, Publisher




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