Vote FOR Rockwall Prop 5 Street Improvements

ROCKWALL – Although the City of Rockwall’s population growth has slowed, from among the fastest in the nation at about eight and a half percent in 2009 to just over four percent in 2011, the construction of new city streets and reconstruction and repair of roads continues to be among the city’s most pressing problems.

Many of our city’s roadways were built long ago as farm roads when traffic was nowhere near as heavy as it is in 2012. The City’s population has also grown from about 21,000 in 2002 to approximately 37,000 today – an increase of 43 percent.

Assuming new homeowners and businesses continue to move here, even at the current modest pace, new streets must be improved and roadways reconstructed to keep up with – actually catch up with – the steady flow. The construction of new I-30 service ramps and reconstruction of old roadways is most important and absolutely vital to the area’s transportation needs in order to attract more businesses to keep property taxes low.

Even if passing Prop 5 increases our property taxes by five cents per $100 valuation, or 10 percent – the worst case scenario based upon a very unlikely zero growth in the local tax base – we recommend that Rockwall voters vote FOR issuing $19.175 million worth of tax bonds for street improvements on May 12, City/School Board Election Day, or during early voting, which continues through tomorrow.

More and more companies, businesses and workers continue to move to Rockwall. Bimbo Bakeries and Hatfield & Company, for example, just announced they will locate in the Industrial Park and employ over 125 people. Numerous retailers and restaurants continue to open, bringing with them more traffic. We just can’t afford to wait to build and repair our roads. They should have been built and repaired years ago, but city planners never imagined the growth we’ve experienced during the past decade.

Now is the time to act. The bonds will finance the construction of four TXDOT projects, plus seven local projects.

Click here to see all of the street construction and road reconstruction projects included in Prop 5.

Vote FOR Prop 5.

By J.J. Smith, Publisher


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  1. John White says:

    Infrastructure for Hatfield and Bimbo are covered by the REDC that is funded principally by sales tax and in no need whatsoever of bond money funded by property tax.

    I encourage voters to oppose ALL FIVE bond propositions on May 12.

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