UT student from Rockwall gets hit by bus and miraculously walks away


AUSTIN – A University of Texas student from Rockwall was hit by an Austin city bus yesterday shortly after Noon and miraculously got up and walked away from the accident without any injuries.

Nick Engmann, 18, who graduated with honors last year from Rockwall-Heath High School, was participating in a campus tradition with dozens of other students on both sides of a city street, waving make-believe foam swords at each other to reduce exam stress.

When he charged into the street, a city bus slammed into him, knocking him several feet forward and backwards onto the street. The impact of his head hitting the windshield shattered the glass.

The Capital Metro bus driver of 21 years had run a red light and stopped immediately after the accident. Afterwards the bus driver received a citation from city police.

Nick was taken to a local hospital but was released soon after because he did not suffer any injuries.

He posted a comment on his Facebook page about three hours after he was hit:

“Sorry the event got halted because of me fellow Longhorns! I’ll individually try and make it up to you all :). Hook em!!!”

His parents left Rockwall yesterday to be with him after the accident. will attempt to contact Nick and his parents next week for an interview.

The video of the whole incident was uploaded on YouTube and has now gone viral.

You can also see the NBC5-TV report  of the incident in the video section of

By J.J. Smith


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