Nominate an older American for award from Committee on Aging

ROCKWALL – Which older American in Rockwall County deserves a recognition award for making a difference in the community?
The Rockwall County Committee on Aging (RCCOA) is seeking nominations as it prepares for the 2012 “Older Americans Day” celebration May 4 at 1 pm at the Rockwall County Library, 1215 Yellow jacket Ln. in Rockwall.
This year’s theme is: “Never Too Old to Play.”
Each May, Rockwall County organizations, the five city Mayors, City government officials and county residents nominate several outstanding seniors to receive the award.
To nominate an Older American for recognition, call the Meals on Wheels office at 972-771-9514.
By J.J. Smith, Publisher


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  1. Dr. Laura Stiles says:

    We have a NATIONAL OLDER AMERICAN who works more than most of us ever thought of and does not take all the benefits offered him. He is physically and mentally active and runs more than the majority of us living in Rockwall. He is well thought of and very respected in the community ie ROCKWALL and should be known as the one who has set the example aka CONGRESSMAN RALPH HALL.

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