Constable candidate Benedetto alleges Zubras does not live in Rockwall Co.

ROCKWALL – Rockwall County Constable Precinct 1 candidate John Benedetto (above left) has come out swinging in his campaign to defeat Vince Zubras in the May 29 County election, alleging that the former twice-defeated Dallas County Constable candidate still lives in Dallas and not at the home of his daughter in north Rockwall, as Zubras claims.

Long-time Rockwall businessman and 2010 Police Academy graduate Benedetto told that he has dozens of video tapes which show Zubras’ vehicle parked early in the morning at a home on Sikorski Lane in Dallas. Several of the videos are posted on Benedetto’s website and he says the rest are available for anyone who would like to see.

Benedetto explained that he’s brought this issue up because “honesty should be a prerequisite for a law enforcement officer,” and Rockwall County voters deserve to know if a candidate is running illegally.

He added that “the Texas election code states that candidates must live in the precinct in which they are running for six months before filing to run for the office of Constable.”

Rockwall County Elections Administrator Glenda Denton confirmed that, according the Texas Election Code Section 141 (a)(5), candidates must live in the territory from which the office is sought for six months preceding the last date to file for office, which was March 2.

“I bring this residency issue up because it has come to my attention that Mr. Zubras claims to live in Rockwall County but does not own property in Rockwall County and has never paid property taxes in Rockwall County. I have weeks of video of a Dallas address where the car he uses is always there in the morning and never at the Rockwall address he states on his candidate filing forms. If you would like to watch all the videos please call me at 214-325-3069, and I will make arrangements for you to view them.”

Benedetto said this residency issue was also brought up in Zubras’ previous run for Dallas County Constable. The blog states that a Homeowners Association questioned him in 2007 about not having a Homestead or an address of record in the Dallas precinct in which he ran.

Benedetto added that giving false information to procure a voter registration is a crime.

“Mr. Zubras has voted in our local Rockwall elections. Voter Registration Application states giving false information to procure a voter registration is perjury, and a crime under state and federal law. Conviction of this crime may result in up to 180 days, a fine up to $2,000, or both.”

In response to Benedetto’s claims, Zubras told that they are “hogwash.”

Zubras said he has lived with his daughter and family since 2010, and that his driver’s license and voting address are both there on Highland Dr.

He explained that prior to 2010 he lived in his parents’ former home in Dallas for a number of years which was still in their name.

Zubras added that since Benedetto is also leasing his home, he should not complain that Zubras does not own a home in Rockwall. Zubras told the Rockwall Republican Men’s Club recently that he is thinking about purchasing a home in Rockwall County soon.

Zubras also contested whether Benedetto is as “up-to-date with all current laws” as he claims.

“My opponent claims to be ‘up to date with all current laws’,” wrote Zubras in an email to “Having taken a 2010 law enforcement academic course, he received the training portion which was current at that time. That was two years ago, before the current Legislative laws enacted by the Texas Congress. His statement about his ‘being current’ is simply not true, as he has never had the current TCLEOSE 3131 Civil Process course, or the current 2011-enacted Legislative updates, for those specific law enforcement officers.”

Benedetto said that is incorrect because he took his State exam in January, 2011, and he has no courses due until then.

“My next training cycle ends on August 31, 2013.”

Benedetto said that for all newly elected constables, it does not matter if you have been a reserve deputy constable forever, you still have to take civil process updates again after being sworn into office. He said he will do that after he is sworn in as Constable in January, 2013.

Zubras further stated that while he holds a Master Peace Officer certification achieved with over 35 years as a part and full-time law enforcement officer, active paralegal and civil process server, Benedetto has “no certification from Texas and has never served as a certified and qualified law enforcement officer.”

Benedetto’s response was, “Like I said, I will receive my commission after I defeat Mr. Zubras.”

By J.J. Smith, Publisher

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7 Responses for “Constable candidate Benedetto alleges Zubras does not live in Rockwall Co.”

  1. larry says:

    i think it is good that someone takes the time to drive and check out mr zubras, its inportent to rockwall
    to find out about life of mr zubras and show what kind of person he is , and sofar it is not very good, i know about him and his family and the party and hard drinking lose daughter and all his ex’es and i think the anonmous person obove here needs to take a closer look at them self and mr zubras or the anonmous my be friends with this family or related either way i believe most of all rockwall citizens know what the truth is and somtimes the truth really hurts!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Christine, I have yet to see or hear any proof of these accusations. So he spends the night with his girlfriend occasionally. Big deal. Since when is that a crime? And how do you know what he did or did not ask his family members to do? And if this came up before in Dallas, then where did he supposedly live then, if he’s now being accused of living in Dallas? You are assuming what the truth is, when in fact you nor Mr. Benedetto have no proof of these accusations.
    Also, if the issue is Homestead, then Mr. Benedetto ALSO does not have any property in his name in the Precinct in which he is running. He does not own property in Rockwall nor does he pay property taxes, just as he has accused Mr. Zubras of the same. A quick search of the tax rolls will prove this. So… you know what they say about people who live in glass houses.

  3. Christine Burleson says:

    Mr. Anonymous, Making the Rockwall County residents aware of the facts is not slinging mud or dirty politics! Mr. Zubras is trying to pull the wool over the eyes of the citizens of Rockwall! That is dirty politics and worse Mr. Zubras knows perfectly well what he’s doing, and that it’s wrong, because he’s done it before in Dallas! What kind of a father would ask a family member to lie about him living with them just to get on the ballot. This is not skewing the facts or creating false accusations, this is simply stating the truth!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Wow. So Benedetto has nothing better to do than drive around and take “dozens of videos” of a car, or lack thereof? Why is he not out actually doing something productive, like maybe running a good, clean campaign? Exactly how is living with your family not being a resident? Looks like digging to me, and as a LONGTIME ROCKWALL RESIDENT, I personally don’t want someone who slings mud and plays dirty politics by skewing facts and creating false accusations as an elected official in my town. Oh, I have an idea… Zubras should park his car in front of Benedetto’s house every night. Then he could “live” there too!

  5. Christine Burleson says:

    I’ve know John for years and he has a reputation for being a good and honest man. He has lived in Rockwall for 25 PLUS years and he DOES live in the precinct where he is running. How could anybody lie about where they live….like Mr Zubras and promise to up hold the law?! Personally…I wouldn’t want someone like Mr. Zubras being MY CONSTABLE!

  6. Bennett Morrison says:

    I can assure you Mr Zubras lives on Sikorski Lane in Dallas. My wife and I rent a home on the block behind where he lives with his girlfriend. She has lived in this home for many years….he moved in a couple of years ago. The yard is littered with his campaign signs, and none of the neighbors are very happy.

  7. Bryan Adams says:

    Mr. Zubras did not answer the residency question. It appears that he lives in east Dallas, not Rockwall?
    Are their other issues related to Mr. Zubra’s past?

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