Rockwall named third healthiest County in Texas in national study

Out of Texas 254 Counties, Rockwall County was named the third healthiest county in Texas March 30 in the County Health Rankings & Roadmaps Report conducted by The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation in collaboration with the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute.

Collin County was judged first, followed by Williamson, Rockwall, Denton and Gillespie Counties.

The County Health Rankings report measured two Health Outcomes: Mortality (How long people live) and Morbidity (How health people feel).

It also measured four Health Factors:  Health Behaviors, Clinical Care, Social & Economic Factors and Physical Environment.

According to the Report, people live longer in Rockwall than any county in Texas except Brewster (first) and Collin (second). Behind Rockwall comes Williamson (fourth) and Denton (fifth).

Regarding how healthy residents feel, Rockwall finished eighth, behind Gillespie, Franklin, Erath, Lampasas, Williamson, Kendall and Burnet Counties.

When it comes to Health Factors, Rockwall ranked fifth among Health Behaviors, behind only Collin, Jeff Davis, Kendall and Ft. Bend Counties.

For example, only 8% of Rockwall Co. adult residents smoke, compared to 14% nationwide and 19% across Texas.

Twenty-seven percent (27%) of Rockwall adults are obese, compared with 25% nationwide and 29% in Texas.

There were an average of 127 sexually-transmitted infections, compared to 84 nationwide and 435 in Texas.

The teen birth rate is 26 per 1000 in Rockwall Co. vs. 22 nationwide and 63 in Texas.

Rockwall ranked 17th in the Clinical Care category. The top five were Gillespie, Collin, Smith, Williamson and Bell Counties.

There are 1,080 primary care physicians to every 1 resident in Rockwall Co. compared with 631:1 nationwide and 1,050:1 in Texas.

Rockwall again ranked fifth in the Social & Economic factors, behind Kendall, Carson, Collin and Denton Counties.

Only 9% of children in Rockwall County live in poverty, compared with 13% nationwide and 26% across Texas.

Rockwall County residents are highly educated, with 70% having attended some college, compared to 68% nationwide and 56% across Texas.

The violent crime rate is comparatively high at 187, compared with 73 nationwide and 503 across Texas.

Despite Lake Ray Hubbard and trees, Rockwall was way down on the Physical Environment list, ranked only 143rd. The top five were Kimble, Gillespie, Wheeler, Childress and Crane Counties.

Apparently all the fast-food residents did Rockwall County in, at 49%  compared to 25% nationwide and 53% in Texas.

Many other statistics are listed in all categories.

There is also a Guide to Funding Your Community Health Initiative which offers funding opportunities to increase the overall health of the community in which a reader lives.

By J. J. Smith, Publisher




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