Rockwall Co. tornado causes terrible damage to Bent Trail Estates

UNION VALLEY – Sixteen homes were either destroyed or damaged by the tornado that roared through the Bent Trail Estates subdivision south of the intersection of State Highways 276 and 548 in Rockwall County yesterday afternoon.

The tornado cut a swath right down the main street of the subdivision, completely destroying one home and heavily damaging four more on both sides of the street.

Firty yards further down the street, the tornado basically leveled one home and heavily damaged those on both sides. Rooftops were blown off, roofs were ripped off, walls were crushed, fences were blown apart and at least one pick up truck was tossed and totalled.

The Red Cross visited homeowners this morning to organize relief efforts. Rockwall Co. Sheriff’s Department officers were supervising the area, not allowing anyone in except insurance companies, contractors and clean-up crews who were working on the aftermath.

Rockwall County Helping Hands is organizing a drive with the Royse City Lions Club to help homeowners.

There are many more photos to come in a separate story that were taken in the subdivision today.

By J.J. Smith, Publisher




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