Hundreds mourn murder-suicide victim Lindsay Nichols at funeral

CEDAR FALLS, Iowa – More than 110 vehicles led the procession as hundreds of people attended the funeral Tuesday of  22-year-old Lindsay Nichols, who was killed in the murder-suicide last Wednesday by her former boyfriend, Dr. Timothy Roses of Heath TX, who then took his own life.

Nearly a week after Nichols was killed in nearby Jesup Iowa, family members and friends gathered at Nazareth Lutheran Church in Cedar Falls to remember her, with services conducted by the Rev. Brian King.

Burial followed at the Garden of Memories Cemetery in Waterloo, Iowa.

“It was difficult,” Rev. King told the WCF Courier newspaper.

“Even me, as a pastor, all my training and all my faith has left me nearly speechless in the wake of Lindsay’s death,” he told the crowd.

Dozens of uniformed deputies from the Black Hawk County Sheriff’s Office were among the mourners — co-workers of Lindsay’s father, long-time Deputy Tom Nichols.  Dozens of their police and fire vehicles were in the funeral procession. Her brothers, Joe and Chris, members of the US Air Force, wore their blue dress uniforms and spoke.

Sheriff Tony Thompson said department employees remembered Lindsay well, and added that the investigation has been particularly trying because of the personal ties so many deputies have with the victim’s family.

Her casket was opened in the entryway as people filed in, after which they saw photos from Nichol’s life, including pictures of Lindsay with friends and family, with East High cheerleaders in uniform, in muddy clothes, in softball gear, in Halloween costumes, in nursing scrubs and in a wedding gown from her 2010 wedding. She was divorced at the time of her death.

“There are mistakes we all make in our lives, and we all may question bad decisions, but Lindsay’s life was much longer than this past week and these past couple of years,” Rev. King said.

“Not a marriage, not a divorce, not a murder — nothing can separate us from God’s love.”

Nichols was a 2008 graduate of Waterloo East High School and a recent graduate of the Covenant Medical Center School of Radiography, where she met Roses, a radiologist.

The funeral of Timothy Roses was held yesterday at 1st Assembly of God Church in North Little Rock, AR, according to KWWL-TV News in Iowa. He is survived by his wife, four children, family and friends in Heath.

By J.J. Smith, Publisher


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