Very few voters approve 7 of 10 state constitutional amendments

ROCKWALL COUNTY – Only 1,721 out of 45,003 (3.82%) registered voters in Rockwall County bothered to  show up at the polls yesterday to vote on 10 proposed amendments to the state constitution.

As of 11:30 pm Tuesday, 7 of 10 proposed amendments appeared likely to pass statewide. With 99.8% of precincts reporting:

Proposition 1: Tax Exemption for the Surviving Spouse of Disabled Vets- Passing with 82.8% of the vote.

Proposition 2: Texas Water Division Board Authorization to Issue Additional Bonds Not Exceeding $6 Billion- Passing with 51.5% of the vote.

Proposition 3: Issue Bonds to Finance Education Loans to Students- Passing with 54.5% of the vote.

Proposition 4: Permit County to Issue Bonds for Development- Failing with 59.7% of the vote dissenting.

Proposition 5: Allow City and County to Enter Interlocal Contracts- Passing with 57.7% of the vote.

Proposition 6: Gen Land Office to Distribute Revenue for Public Education- Passing with 51.5% of the vote.

Proposition 7: Permit El Paso County to Create Reclamation Districts- Failing with 51.6% of the vote.

Proposition 8: Appraisal for Ad Valorem Tax of Land Devoted to Water Stewardship- Failing by 52.9% of the dissenting vote.

Proposition 9: Authorize Governor to Pardon a Person Who Completes Deferred Adjudication- Passing with 57.3% of the vote.

Proposition 10: Extend Length of Unexpired Term Which Triggers Automatic Resignation- Passing with 55.9% of the vote.

You can keep track of the updated numbers at the Secretary of State’s website.

Rockwall County voters voted to pass proposition nos. 1, 2, 5, 9 & 10.

For Rockwall Co. totals, see the Rockwall County Elections website.

By J.J. Smith, Publisher

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