Texas voters to decide on 10 constitutional amendments today

(PegasusNews.com) It’s Election Day, and voters across the state will decide whether to add 10 amendments to the Texas Constitution.

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The proposals:

Prop 2 would allow the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB), the state’s water-planning agency, to lend up to $6 billion via a bond fund dedicated to building and fixing water infrastructure. Props 2 and 8 are the two water-related ballot initiatives.

The proposal would raise the water board’s outstanding bond limit by $4 billion. Proponents, including business heavyweights and environmentalists, say the current board’s bond authority will be insufficient to keep up its responsibilities through the next two-year state budget period and won’t allow it to keep up with the state’s water and wastewater needs.  The TWDB says it can issue loans at more cost-effective rates than are available in traditional markets due to the state’s high credit rating.



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