Salon magazine: Rockwall Co. one of 5 islands of prosperity

NEW YORK CITY – The liberal political magazine Salon published an article today describing Rockwall County as one of five counties across the US which are flourishing economically thanks largely to government funding but where many residents believe their success has little to do with government.

“In so many ways, we all pay for America’s few economic bright spots,” wrote the authors, Daniel Denvir and John Paul Dewitt, praising the benefits of the federal government funding throughout their story, downplaying entrepreneurialism.

For example, in “Five Places Where The Rich Got Richer,” the article describes Rockwall Co. TX and Fayette Co. GA as “wellsprings of the Tea Party movement”

Rockwall County is described as a conservative refuge which is attractive to local conservative businessmen. They quoted the publisher of, J.J. Smith, that “every elected official in Rockwall Co. is a Republican.”

The article described Fayette Co. GA as a “hotbed of right-wing politics,” which has protected itself against the economic downturn largely by keeping multifamily housing out, and where City Council meetings open with prayers.

It says federal spending has provided wealthy Loudon Co. VA with an economic buffer throughout the recession, “funding a military-industrial complex on steroids, and a high-tech industry that has helped numerous localities weather the downturn.”

It claims the 1990 amendments to the Clean Air Act set off the coal, oil and natural gas boom that has lifted Wyoming’s economy into the stratosphere, especially in Campbell Co.

Finally, the story claims so many residents of Rockwall Co. NY (Long Island) have higher incomes because they are connected to Wall Street and New York City by federally-funded bridges, highways, commuter trains and FHA mortgages.

The article begins: “As the Occupy Wall Street movement has zeroed in on the wealthiest 1 percent of Americans who dominate politics, the geography of American wealth and poverty displays a slightly more complicated picture.”

“Census Bureau data released today shows how five of America’s wealthiest counties have gotten wealthier while most of the rest of the country endures foreclosures, joblessness and recession.”

“The median income in Rockwall County, east of Dallas, is $78,275, and for the top 20 percent, it has grown 9 percent since 2007.”

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By J.J. Smith, Publisher

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