Rockwall residents: Response attendees were genuinely praying, event non-political

HOUSTON – At an event which many critics said was simply Gov. Rick Perry’s attempt to gain support from Evangelical Christians for his Presidential campaign, which news reports say he will announce this Saturday in South Carolina, approximately 30,000 people attended The Response prayer rally Saturday in Houston.

Among them were Rockwall County residents Johanna Ernst Runnels, Nathan Derr, Ann Hettinger, Rockwall City Council member Michelle Smith, Rockwall Tea Party founder John White and his wife, Frances.

According to Runnels and Smith, what they witnessed were thousands of Christians who were genuinely praying for Jesus Christ to heal our nation. Derr wrote on Facebook page that the rally was a great success.

“It was great to see everyone there and participate in “The Response” which was truly a great success and moving experience!”

Runnels, Smith  and White agreed the event was non-political, and Runnels said she is now awaiting God’s response to the event.

“What a blessing and encouragement to sit amongst brothers and sisters in Christ praying for our nation,” she said. “I was grateful for the turnout and how non-political Perry’s words were.”

“Worship before the event officially began was especially sweet to my old ears—hymns led by a couple accompanied on the guitar. Praying that our prayers were a sweet savor to our Lord. Now I am expectantly awaiting God’s response to our response.”

“I also appreciated Gov. Perry’s relinquishment on who prayed and the leadership’s commitment to the keep the focus on prayer and not who was praying, avoiding any attempt to draw people by promoting the big names who came. Our nation’s only hope for survival lies not in the halls of Congress or state government but in the hallways of Heaven so to speak.”

Smith said it was not a political rally and wonders how anyone could question all those who prayed for seven hours for Christ to restore the nation’s moral decay.

“What I witnessed as a participant to the response was 35,000 plus believers in Jesus Christ who were in a corporate prayer earnestly seeking Christ to heal our land.”

As 2 Chronicles 7:14 states, “if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”

“This was not a political rally, and I don’t know how anyone could question the hearts of people who pray for seven-plus hours to Jesus for restoration of the moral decay we find our country in today.”

Smith said she was not swayed into supporting or not supporting Perry for President, but did appreciate his call to pray.

“As far as Perry for President, this rally did not at all make me more supportive or less supportive of him for President. I believe we as a country have a responsibility to carefully choose who our next president should be, and just because a Governor hosts a rally such as this does not make him a top contender for me. I appreciate his call to pray for healing of our nation.”

Runnels said she might be a bit more willing to support Perry now.

“As in every election, I withhold any personal decision on a candidate until the filing deadline is passed and we know who all the players are. However, the Perry I heard Saturday seems to be a different Perry than I have heard before. I would say his comments at The Response pushed the needle in a more favorable direction. There is NO perfect candidate just as there is no perfect person. He is definitely in the camp of “Someone else” for President, however.”

By J.J. Smith, Publisher



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