Karaoke review: Agave Restaurant & Bar in Rockwall

ROCKWALL ( – It’s always fun to be at the first night of a new karaoke event — there’s always a surprise in store. A few times, it’s been clear that the gig wouldn’t be around long. Decanter in Bishop Arts, for example — they never promoted the karaoke event, didn’t work fairly with the DJ crew, and canceled it just as people were getting excited. This glowing Yelp review mentions the great karaoke — too bad management wouldn’t pay for it! Other times, you can tell that the first night of karaoke is the start of something big. That’s the feeling I got at Agave in Rockwall Harbor.

The best karaoke venues already have a sense of how to integrate music into their environment, and Agave has a strong musical focus. The Wednesday of karaoke, they had a guitar player singing outside on the patio while the karaoke went on inside. This worked surprisingly well: Patrons who wanted to be entertained could enjoy the guitarist, while those of us who wanted to be entertainers had the inside.

And Agave also knows how to promote their events. Typically, the folks at Totally Twisted Karaoke have to do their own promotion, putting up their banner along with their equipment. Agave, by contrast, had karaoke featured on their posted weekly schedule and with a sign in the nearby plaza.



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