Judge Hogan explains why outsourcing library services may be necessary

ROCKWALL – Rockwall County Judge Jerry Hogan explains from his office June 9 why outsourcing County library and building custodial services appears to be the best solution for dealing with projected $1-3 million budget deficits over the next five years.

He said since growth and revenue in Rockwall County are now flat and no longer growing, rather than raising taxes or relying on deficit spending, outsourcing services seems to him to be the only other viable alternative to balance the County budget.

He added that the one library outsourcing company he’s spoken to claims they can provide the exact same services and programs for $300,000 less per year, but if the library department can find a way to run the facility for that much less, then outsourcing will not be necessary.

Judge Hogan will hold a town hall meeting to answer any questions June 13 at 7 pm on the third floor of the Historic Courthouse on the Square in Downtown Rockwall.

Judge Hogan currently plans to formally propose outsourcing library and custodial services to County Commissioners at their regular monthly meeting June 14 at 9 am in the same location.

The will provide coverage of both of those meetings.




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