New Rockwall Mayor, 3 Council members sworn in

ROCKWALL – Newly-elected City of Rockwall Mayor David Sweet (left) and Council members David White (center), Bennie Daniels and Michelle Smith were sworn in to their new positions Monday evening by Rockwall’s 382nd District Judge Brett Hall at the twice-monthly regular City Council meeting.

All three were elected May 14. Sweet had already served two-terms as a Council member, after being first elected in May, 2007. It was the first time that the three Council members have been elected to public service.

Current two-term Councilman Mark Russo was also selected by the Council as Mayor Pro-Tem, who temporarily takes the place of the mayor if Sweet is out of town, ill or unable to act as mayor for any reason.

Although Council members run non-partisan races, their elections will certainly bring a more politically conservative philosophy to the Rockwall City Council.

Sweet, White, Smith, plus Russo and two-term Councilman Cliff Sevier are all conservative Republicans, active in various Rockwall GOP organizations.

All are also either involved in or at least friendly with the Rockwall TEA Party, which advocates reduced government spending, balanced budgets and low taxes.

During their campaigns, Smith and White – the son of Rockwall TEA Party founder John White – both pledged to reduce unnecessary City spending and to reduce the amount of current City debt.

All of those elected pledged to help keep taxes low by bringing new businesses to Rockwall, so that sales tax revenues will prevent any homeowner tax increases. All Council members seem to be in agreement.

Most Council members are conservative when it comes to social issues and religion, as well. Smith is the East Texas Area Director for Concerned Women for America, whose mission is to protect and promote Biblical values into public policy. She regularly attends Lake Pointe Baptist Church. Sweet and Daniels are active members of First Baptist Church of Rockwall.

Daniels and current two-term Council member Margo Nielsen are also very active in helping the poor and unfortunate. Both hold leadership positions with Rockwall County Helping Hands, which provides a food pantry, thrift store, health clinic, bill payments and more to local families and individuals who need emergency or short-term assistance.

Nielsen has been the Executive Director since 1989 and Daniels is the current Board President.

When it comes to family life, the new Mayor, Daniels, Smith and Sevier are all married with children. Sweet has two young sons. Smith has three children in schools. Sevier has two sons attending high school. Daniels has two adult sons.

Nielsen has been a widow since 2009 and has an adult daughter.

Russo has a baby son and is engaged. White is single with no children.

By J.J. Smith, Publisher






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  1. RAW says:

    Oh yes these are all wonderful People, Just take a ride down Airport Road and see what they have done to those people. And If that don’t say enough, Just stop and ask us how David Sweet and the city council treated us in the process.Their was no respect given
    to us from the first bulling letter and all through the process. Not that they care but they screwed over better people than they will ever be.

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