Heath Hawks baseball season ends with loss to Poteet, 4-2

By Keith Thompson. DUNCANVILLE – For the second year in a row, the Heath Hawks (36-9-1) have seen their dreams of advancing to the state tournament in Round Rock come up agonizingly short as they suffered a bitter 4-2 defeat to Mesquite Poteet Saturday night at Panther Field.

Poteet’s Pirates will now move on to represent Region II in the Class 4A State Tournament Final Four.

With both teams forced to use their number three pitchers many assumed the game would be a slugfest. However, Heath’s Jake Baxter and Poteet’s Tyler Franklin were both very effective in keeping their respective teams in the game. The game would ultimately be decided with neither of them still on the mound.

Poteet struck first in the top of the first inning as a two-out single by Chad Young turned into an unearned run following a two-base Heath throwing error and a passed ball. The Hawks threatened in the bottom of inning with one out singles by Bret Boswell and Jake Thompson. Franklin escaped damage by striking out Jovan Hernandez and Jake Bledsoe on breaking balls in the dirt.

In a recurring theme from game one of the series, Heath wasted another opportunity in the second inning. With Timbo Duncan and Grayson Lewis aboard, following two-out walks, Austin Stewart went down on strikes. Heath continued to help Poteet in the ensuing inning. Following a leadoff single, Poteet’s Arrington Alexander was caught stealing. The next batter, Tyler Franklin, reached base on a catcher’s interference and, after Young whiffed, Beau Nowell drew a walk to put runners on first and third. Poteet called for a double steal but Heath appeared ready for the maneuver as catcher Jake Bledsoe rifled a throw toward second base where Cade Flory was charging in to relay the ball back home. However, Flory dropped a perfect throw from Bledsoe and was unable to complete the play. The runner scored easily but Heath was able to get the runner from first base to end the inning.

Down by two, the Hawks slugged their way back in the bottom of the third. After Boswell recorded his second straight base hit, Jake Thompson strode to the plate. He quickly evened the game up by blasting a long home run to left field off of a Franklin curve ball. It was his 15th homer of the year and seventh of the playoffs. Momentum seemed to be switching to Heath.

Following a scoreless fourth inning, the game tilted back in Poteet’s favor in the top of the fifth. Following a one out single and a sacrifice bunt, Jake Baxter was relieved on the mound by game one starter, Jovan Hernandez. The first pitch from Hernandez was jumped on by Chad Young for a game-changing, two-run homer. Neither team would score again despite runners on base by Heath in the sixth and seventh innings. Nick Peterson was stranded on second after a lead-off double in the sixth as Heath repeatedly wasted scoring chances. In the bottom of the seventh with two outs, Jake Thompson drew a four-pitch walk but Jovan Hernandez was retired on a ground out to shortstop. Game and season over for the Hawks.

As the dust settles on another great season of Heath baseball, the Hawks, their players, coaches, and supporters can reflect on a wonderful year. As importantly, especially since this is high school baseball, everyone from Heath can be proud of how the Hawks handled a couple of ugly incidents during this game and series. Poteet was caught using an illegal bat during game two, which is embarrassing enough to a program’s integrity, but the displays put on by their players and coaches during game three should make all Heath parents and fans proud to be on the other team.

Perhaps having a starting senior catcher ejected for a profane tirade or having another player hurl expletives at an opposing coach is how some teams want to see their programs run. The sight of the Poteet head coach turning his hat backwards, “Billy Martin-style,” to get right in the face of the umpire who ejected, justifiably so, his catcher is probably the one image most fans will take with them from this series. That is a shame.

Heath’s players stayed out of this nonsense which is a reflection of how they are coached. Poteet even went so far as to make a baseless accusation that Thompson was using snuff during the game as Poteet coach Bobby Doe stormed onto the field during Thompson’s home run trot to plead his case. Heath and Thompson had the last laugh as a check of Thompson’s mouth revealed sunflower seeds. One has to find a little irony in seeing the head coach of a team who had a player using an illegal bat for an entire season having the gall to protest anything. The incessant mouthing from the Poteet dugout necessitated the Duncanville police being called out to the field. Post game handshakes were not allowed.

The Hawks played to the final eight teams in the state for the second year in a row. They will regroup and, with eight starters returning, will be a major force in 2012.


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  1. BigSportsFan says:

    It is a State Law goof ball that includes everyone and the umps must enforce it.

    And for you slamming the coach that was there before, get a life he was an is diabetic and he did nothing wrong, this is was nothing more than two sissy kids and their parents pushing the issue because the kids weren’t playing. All of them and you are chicken crap for bring this up.

    As for coach Doe doing anything wrong, he didn’t do anything wrong. You assume he knew the bat was illegal, which he didn’t.

    My name is Charles Quinn and these too coaches are great guy that speak their minds because they are men and not cowards like you all are for talking trash about them behind your screen names.

  2. John Rambo says:

    Sure is alot of excuses from Poteet. Same school who’s head baseball coach a few years ago decided to piss in the dugout in front of his players and all he got was reassigned. How can you not get fired for that. And now their current head coach pulls this stunt. Maybe Poteet will figure out how to hire a head baseball coach one of these days that has little class.

  3. BASEBALL says:

    UIL has no rule or punishment on tobacco use during game. It is up to the school district regarding tobacco use. The umpires verified the player was not using tobacco during game. In the state of Tx it is illegal for a minor to falsely represent himself or herself to be 18 years of age or older by displaying proof of age that is false, fraudulent, or not actually proof of the individual’s own age in order to obtain possession of, purchase, or receive a cigarette or tobacco product. It is an exception to the application of this section if an individual younger than 18 years of age possess the cigarette or tobacco product in the presence of: (1) an adult parent, a guardian, or a spouse of the individual. Rules posted at the facility state person using tobacco could receive a fine not to exceed $200.

  4. BigSportsFan says:

    Tobacco is illegal to use in any Texas High School sports and it is a rule! Just as illegal as the bat was!

    Thank you for playing, try again, now sit down and shut up!

  5. Wise One says:

    This news flash just in: It has been discovered that Jake Thompson is the only 16, 17, or 18 year old baseball player using snuff in the state of Texas. The nerve of that kid! Why does anyone care since it is not against the rules of the sport he was playing? Do Poteet people think, if he was even using it becuase the umpires said “no”, it helped his performance? It is not a rule and it certainly isn’t like a non-approved bat. A bat like that enhances performance. But snuff, come on people! I bet none of those boys on that field, especially the seniors who had graduated, never let any of that Colorado Kool AId slip down their throats either. Snuff is vice. An illegal bat is cheating. You are comparing apples with oranges.

  6. BigSportsFan says:

    CH you are clueless, go find a job in another district, if your going to bad mouth the kids and coaches. Because our player got ejected for doing nothing wrong!

    The coach was on the field of play and the catcher ran into him because he was in the way of the play. They gave coaches boxes for a reason and the coach was not in it.

    The player that was ejected was helping the coach from falling, when the ump ejected him.

    But I guess you would let someone cheat you out of achieving your dream, by telling you can’t compete because you did something wrong when you didn’t.

    The players should if been mad and stood up for them selves and the coaches should of stood up fir his players.

    That is what a family does for each other, when they are right.

  7. XOXO says:

    Mrs. Thompson, your commentary is appreciated. While we as parents can’t control what our kids do, we do like to think that we have taught them right from wrong and what is appropriate and what is not. Teenagers grow up with a mind of their own and live to their own standards for a little while as they figure themselves out. With that said, the past is just that – the past. All of this “mumbo jumbo” takes away from the athleticism that was displayed during this series. I know for a FACT that MANY of the boys from RH texted congratulatory and good luck messages to many of the boys from Poteet AND they apologized for the “drama that went down” but understood why they were mad. It’s a shame that the author of this article felt the need to express his opinion in a public forum for all to see on a Rockwall website. That’s what blogs and Facebook or even emails are for. Hopefully it’s a lesson learned for all involved.

    The only thing that is left to say is that I know the Poteet Pirates will represent for our east area well! GO PIRATES!

  8. BigSportsFan says:

    Darkside we have the back bone your the spinless individuals that want to be like Highland Park and think you all do no wrong.

    Yes I got pictures of the kid with a dip in his mouth.

    The coaches said yes it was an ilegal bat and they didn’t know it.

    Yes, your coach was in the field of play, this caused the all the issues at first and cause ump to toss the catcher, because he over reacted.

  9. Amber says:

    and just because he wrote the article doesn’t mean it’s the truth either. For you people that are so quick to judge Poteet – what are you doing here? The same thing. How mature is that? Grow up. I don’t see ANYTHING mentioned about the catcher INSISTING on shaking the RH’s coaches hand after he was told not to. He asked for permission – permission granted. Where is THAT in this article?

    Fact is – Poteet has an AWESOME athletic program PERIOD and it’s the KIDS who do the work.

  10. lisa thompson says:

    Rick Stone,

    I was honest. Yes, Jake does dip. I hate it. He and only he is responsible for that habit. Someone said he is “known” for it…news to me that he is “known” for it. I don’t expect his coach to know what I didn’t. It is on my radar now and I will be pushing for him to kick that habit. He said he didn’t have dip in his mouth during this game. I wasn’t on the field / I wasn’t in the dugout. The umpire that check his mouth confirmed there was no dip or remnants of dip. Dipping or not dipping didn’t have anything to do with his or his teams performance. Since the tobacco issue has sparked interest, I contacted UIL regading tobacco use rule / ejection… they stated “Local decision. Refer to school district policy on student tobacco use. No UIL rule.” Player subject to posted fines and possbile school district discipline. That accusation and ultimate finding by the umpire didn’t cause a cursing match… didn’t bring police out… didn’t change the dynamics of the game… has nothing to do with the argument that the coaches / players behaved poorly. I apologize to anyone that was offended that Jake may or may not have been using tobacco at the time. I apologize to anyone offended that he has used tobacco in the past. I hope that in other respects he represents his family and school well.

    I have clearly stated that I think Poteet played a great series. I have clearly stated that I am not in agreement with the EDITORIAL (–noun 1. an article in a newspaper or other periodical presenting the opinion of the publisher, editor, or editors.) but acknowledge a persons right to their OPINION.

    Some behaved poorly on both sides and it does not serve anyone well to try to hash it out online. I hope you are not implying that I lashed out over loosing, as I wish them well. Poteet won. They have a great team. Good luck to them in Round Rock!

  11. Amber says:

    Anyone have an article slamming Heath on a Mesquite news website? Didn’t think so. Win #3.

    but if you find one – I will gladly stand corrected!

  12. Seriously says:

    Is it just possible, now follow me on this, that in game two (illegal bat game) they may have walked that kid on purpose knowing he was going to get called out? Even if wasn’t called out, the kid batting behind him, who I think is the same kid who got ejected, was hitless and remained hitless for the whole series. Could it be that deep or I am watching too much TV? Fun series to watch for the baseball but those Mesquite kids and coaches sure don’t set much of an example.

  13. Darkside says:

    Hey Rick Stone, I read the article twice that you cited and it doesn’t say a word about the kid being tossed for making physical contact. Go back and look for yourself.
    I got a couple facts for you that you can try and explain away. Only team was found guilty of using an illegal bat and that was Poteet. Only team had a player ejected and that was Poteet. Only team got to see their head coach, allegedly a role model, turn his around backwards like some Lou Piniella wanna be, and scream in the face of another grown man and that was Poteet. At a high school baseball game. Wow! I have no ties to either team but I didn’t read one single word of what Thompson wrote that I did not see happen with my own eyes. Explain that any way you want or twist it anyway you want. Facts are facts and over 1000 people saw it. It just seems to bother you Pirate fans that someone had the backbone to tell it like it is. Just because he has a kid playing doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

  14. Ball Fan says:

    Anyone else find it incredible that, with what looks like a bang bang play about to happen at second base on a leadoff double, so many eyes were watching 90 feet away to see what the 1B coach and catcher were doing?
    Another point to this whole mess. Tobacco use is not a UIL violation. It is a local district issue. The kid could not have been called out or ejected anyway. If they thought they could get a kid, especially that kid, ejected they would have done so in the first inning. Waiting until the kid hit a home run was pure grandstanding on Poteet’s part.
    Let’s see what could impact how far a ball travels: A) an illegal bat used by a player all season (which should really upset anyone he got hits against) or B) “just a pinch between your cheek and gums”.
    If you answered anything other than A you are a complete Poteet bonehead or a buffoon. Uh oh, there I go being redundant! Poteet won two games which equals how many bats they used illegally and how many players they had tossed.

  15. BigSportsFan says:

    My name us Charles Quinn and for all the ones slamming the Coach and players from Poteet.

    You know nothing about any of the coaches and players or the game.

    I support the Coaches and players of mesquite Poteet Pirates!!

    Your know what to do with your opinion!

    Now go have a great summer and leave the sports up to the real athletes and the ones that knows the game.

  16. Rick Stone says:

    With all do respect Ms. Thompson you are incorrect on why the catcher was thrown out. I posted the articlr from a real journalist. If you would like the umpires number its listed he runs TASO. if you call him then have Mr. Thompson comback and apologize. Beau starting cussing after he was thrown out. But I am sure Heath never lobbed any Fbombs during the entire episode, just perfect little angles like that one persons fair and balanced opinion that wrote this article named Thompson. Wanna comment on Jake and dipping during games or will you be honest?

    This was a dumb way to lash out for losing. Grow up.

  17. Rick Stone says:

    Connie I posted what happened as stated by the umpires. In addition, why would the other coaches who new about the bat not bring it up and save it for Heath in the regional finals, yeah doesn’t make sense now does it? That is nothing but hearsay and you have nothig to support the claim. Sorry not admissable. Also, the Duncanville Police didn’t overreact, I mean if you watched you would know that he didn’t. He watched Zach Randle for 3 games act like he was 12 years old. The same way he acted everywhere he has coached. Quite frankly you should do some real research before you start typing hearsay and emotional rhetoric. I questio any program that would hire that person.

    It would be nice to see someone from Heath post something that takes some responsibility. I certainly would think at least twice before I defending and held harmless your first base coach..

  18. It’s too bad when talent is overshadowed by unsportsmanlike conduct, and I’d have to say the Poteet team is a victim of that malady. The ethics of their program has to be questioned. From what I heard, several coaches in the district knew about “the bat,” which is why the Heath coaches so conveniently had the list in the dugout, just waiting for a chance to use it against Poteet. Poteet also needs to tone down the trash talk. You can tell when a kid has his glove raised in front of his mouth that he is talking trash to a base runner. From what I heard from players, the trash talk was constant from the dugout as well. It’s too bad the coaches haven’t trained that out of the kids at this stage of play.

    Perhaps the most ridiculous show was by the Duncanville cops. They over-reacted. From where I was sitting, the crowd seemed calm, even though Poteet decided to make an accusation during what could have been a rally by Heath to come back and tie or even win.

    If the accusation about the chew is true (and I have no doubt that lots of high school baseball players chew tobacco), I hope the kid kicks the habit before the next season. No coach should allow a kid on his team to chew tobacco (whether he’s 18 or not).

    I hope the Poteet coaches have a stern talk with their players about how to behave on the field when they represent our area in Austin. It also would be nice if the Poteet ISD could invest in some nicer uniforms for their players. They look like prison uniforms, which may explain why some of the kids chose to act like thugs.

  19. CH says:

    I work for Mesquite ISD and was ashamed how badly Mesquite’s players and coaches behaved. The coach had no control over his players and he was out of control himself. Poteet needs to learn how to play the game with dignity and class.

  20. Tim Duncan says:

    It was a really great baseball series. It is unfortunate that “8″ – yes 8 uniform Duncanville Police Officers had to enter the diamond do to the actions of a few! No one wanted to lose and all wanted to win. The writer of the story can put his name to his article. Unfortunately most all that are blasting him are able to hide behind their “Alias” computer cyber world name. I’ve posted my name. Great series of baseball, no so great actions of a few – they know who they are.

    Good Luck to the Poteet baseball team at state and we will see you guys again next year.

    Tim Duncan

  21. lisa thompson says:

    This editorial is based on one persons opinion of what he saw regarding behavior. The funny thing is, we all watched the same game and saw things differently. Bottom line fact are: Heath didn’t capitalize on it’s opportunities. Heath didn’t hit well enough this game. Heath lost. Poteet won. Poteet was the better team this game. Poteet was the better team this series.

    A good deal of bad behavior on all sides happened during this series. Emotions ran high. It doesn’t do anyone any good to argue who had more class. Some did and some didn’t on both sides. You can’t group everyone together. Both Heath and Poteet have amazing families and fans. Congratulations to Poteet for winning and best of luck to them as they move forward. They did what needed to be done when the game was on the line. Good job on the mound Tyler Franklin! Chad Young is a stellar player and was most definitley the series MVP.

    The illegal (unapproved) bat issue was what it was. Was it used with knowledge of the bat being unapproved? I don’t think so. The kid who used it is an AWESOME kid from a great family. I don’t think he would ever deliberately bend rules but it happened and Heath played the card when they could (it couldn’t be used until he reached base). Poteet would have done the same thing had Heath been in possesion of an unapproved bat… any team would have done the same thing with the same information. Right or wrong, it was the coaches responsibility to know what was on the UIL approved list and what was in the players hands.

    The catcher (another AWESOME kid) wasn’t thrown out of the game for running over the coach. He was tossed by the umpire for cursing. It was a heat of the moment arguement and there was confusion on the field. The umpire was overmatched by the passion in this game. Should the catcher have been tossed (in light of so many mouthing)? I don’t know because I wasn’t on the field to hear what was being said. Most likely the umpire was overzealous. These kids aren’t little boys anymore… they are young men and when things are going crazy they are going to curse. I wish the boys didn’t, but they do. I am sure my son tossed a few f-bombs during the game. We are glad to know that the catcher will not be held out for any additional games.

    I will be the first to apologize if my son did anything wrong. He says that he did not have dip in his mouth. He was told before the game not to. The umpires checked his mouth and they said that he did not have dip or even remnants of dip. I accept there are people out there that will say different. Is he known for tobacco use? That has never been brought to our attention before but is on our radar now! Tobacco use is happening with many players on many teams and it shouldn’t be.

    Jake plays his heart out for his coaches and team. It is a little unfair to make negative comments about him personally. He does not feel that he is a “star” nor does he promote himself as a “star”. People who really know him, know he isn’t like that. He is one single player in a group of great players. You win as a team and you lose as a team. He did all that he could do… and YES… the team came up short.

    Heath will make another run at state next year and hopefully everyone (coaches, players, and parents) will remember this series, and the great team that beat them out, and adjust accordingly. Good luck Poteet!

  22. Rick Stone says:

    Coaches argue with umpires all the time. Harvey certainly did his share of yelling at them thats for sure and Randle was a poor example and always has been. But on the exaggerrated issue on turning your hat sideways well that is done all over every ball field in America. The reason they do it is to avoid touching the umpires hat to protect themselve from a bumping complaint. So in other words it is done for their own protection against a complaint by an umpire. Nothing outragous there.

    This speaks volumes about Heath and their fans. In addition, I wouldn’t have allowed my guys to shake hands either, it could easily have lead to an issue that no one needed. I saw the Heath players yelling at the Poteet players at game end they shouldn’t get a pass like they had the right to act that way as well. This is not to mention that the police didn’t want them shaking hands to start with and waved them off, not mentioned.

    Grow up and take some responsibiliy Heath. It wasn’t a onesided affair.

  23. Kudo's to ALL Heath Players/Coaches says:

    Fundamental BASEBALL – are you kidding me? In all the rounds of playoff competiton over the last several years, I have never seen any team as “bush league” as Poteet. It has to come from the coaches. This is the rudest, crudest, dirtiest bunch of kids I’ve seen on a playing field. Cheat, cuss, lie, anything they can use on the field –the word “classy” will never be used in the same sentence with Poteet Pirates. The little league, bush league stunts they pull all through the game will finally haunt them on Thursday I’m sure.

  24. RU KIDDING ME says:

    Just another example of “yellow” journalism at it’s best, “PUKE” yellow that is! I wonder if the News’ editor has a player/son too??? CLASSLESS!

  25. Warden says:

    Really? You want to publish this one sided NONSENSE! Come on.. Anyone that was at the game knows that both teams had issues, both sides of fans / parents were competing to be the loudest, both dugouts were taunting and both sets of coaches were running their mouths! If you are going to write an article, print the TRUTH! Poteet’s catcher would not of been in an uproar had it not been for Heath’s 1st base coach trying to play ugly. As far as an illegal bat, check your facts. Granted, the bat was not on the list but only because it was an OLD bat not an illegal bat. Don’t try and make the Pirates out to be the bad guys. They full well earned their trip to STATE! Sore losers have NO business in reporting…

  26. Rick Stone says:

    I question the integrity of the author of this article.

    This is really a pathetic description of what happened. Heath had nothing to to do with anything? It was just Poteet that went nuts doing all of this? I notice that you failed to mention that the Heath Coaches were threaten by the Duncanville Police? Want to know why? The policeman was by the Poteet dugout all series long and was standing right there when Zach Randle, a well known known loud mouth guy in coaching (just check with Sunnyvale High School where he was fired), ran his mouth at 15, 16, 17 and 18 year olds all series long from the first base coaches box. Not only that he started in on the umpires constantly Thursday night through Saturday. So much so the officials discussed his behavior after game one.

    According to the head game official (Mike Young President of TASO), they should have tossed out Zach Randle but chose to try and fight through his antics and as the season was almost over. Saving him and his job. Yes that came from the game officials. They said in hindsight he should have been tossed out. Their fear is that whichever school won might be penalized from going to state by the UIL over the incidents. In addition, Zach Randle initiated physical contact with Poteet players and that by law and his behavior by rule is not allowed.

    http://www.uiltexas.org/files/athletics/manuals/BA-Manual.pdf Reference Page 44
    (there was enough on this issue by all coaches that one cannot be saddled with this entire complaint)

    As far as the bat / integrity issue? The bat used was indeed illegal I confirmed that with the umpires and Coach Doe now knows that it is not approved. However kids buy bats all the time and use them. I don’t know any coach that studies every bat that is a name brand like Demarini. It was a confusing enough issue that the officials had to do quite a bit of research Saturday before they confirmed the ruling on Friday. In other words the federation thought they had made a mistake and it may have been legal. But as it turned out they didn’t make a mistake. It is hard to know on the bats sometimes what is legal and what is not. However, chewing Copenhagen on the field and your coach allowing it, as Jake Thompson is well known for doing, is worse than any bat issue. I would say it can be argued that it is contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Coach Harvey allowing Jake Thompson to do that every year game after game is not good as a school official. Where is the leadership on that issue?

    As far as your ejection pont on the catcher he was thrown out for contact instead of a cursing tirade. Here is the David McNabb artcile on that specific incident:


    Now if you want to write a more accurate depiction of what happened both schools looked bad in this incident. You either were not there and heard this from disappointed Heath fan or are just a homer that allowed emotion to get into the way. Whichever way you should be more responsible with your journalism. Everyone knows this story is inaccurate. If they don’t they are just looking for excuses because none of this had anything to do with the outcome. It is sour grapes.

    I would like to say to the Heath fans I am sorry for our part, niether side acted well.

  27. Really??? says:

    Every ball player should have his own personal publicist with a press pass and a by-line. I wonder if Keith Thompson skipped the class on libel in daddy-ball journalism school.

    “Hmmm” said it all!

  28. Michelle Marshall says:

    Where does he get off trying to make the Poteet players out to be the only ones that did anything wrong throughout the three nights of the playoff games? For him to report in black and white that Heath coaches and players were basically “completely innocent” in this matter is ridiculous and I feel he needs to keep his personal opinions to himself and stick to reporting the TRUTH! I am a Pirate parent and I fully admit some of our players / coaches acted foolishly but come on, so did the Heath players, coaches and parents! If your going to put someone on blast at least blast the TRUTH!

  29. BigSportsFan says:

    The catcher being tossed during the game. If you was watching the play the Heath Coach was in the field of play and the catcher ran into him while trailing the runner. The coach should of been ejected for not being in his box.

    The coach standing up for his player when they did nothing wrong is teaching the kids, to stand up for what is right!

    The ump on first base was watching the play in the field and not the collision! If he was, he would of seen it was an accident and the Poteet Catcher was helping the coach up! Therefore he over reacted by tossing the catcher.

    So, twist it any way you want. The UIL reviewed the ejection and they deem no further suspension should be taken.

    Ask you first base coach why he told the catcher from, he knew he wasn’t trying to run over him and the ump shouldn’t of thrown him out.

    So all you Heath Fans, quit crying and making false statements to justify why you came up short in a great series.

  30. Amber says:

    What makes you any better writing an article like this? Aren’t you an adult? Are you writing as an adult or a the dad of Jake Thompson? Nobody expects you to take responsibility for YOUR sons illegal actions so why even bring it up? Heath lost – in TWO games. Move on.

  31. XOXO says:

    this article is a joke!! Let’s post the youtube vidoe of the “star” player spitting out the snuff when he got caught and the so called “awesome” coaches covering up for him when the umpire tried to approach him. I find it funny that the “illegal” bat is mentioned when it wasn’t even swung – AND APPROVED PRIOR TO THE GAME!! Gotta love the BEAT POTEET shirts & the Heath resident who thought it would be cute to yell out her car window to an eldery woman that when she wakes up she’ll “still be white trash”. CLASSY HEATH, VERY CLASSY.

  32. There is NO PLACE in high school athletics baseball or otheers for a “Billy Martin type stunt”. What does it teach the players? After all the coach is a TEACHER and should be looked up to as such. If the UIL had any courage he would minimally be reprimanded for his actions. The catcher should be suspended for the remainder of the year. Maybe the coach will be ejected in Austin……….

  33. Hmmm... says:

    Great subjective and one-sided article…Not very good “reporting” when you try and villianize a program or its players…As a neutral fan of High School athletics and being in the stands for all three games, there were things said/done on BOTH sides of the diamond that neither should be proud of…in the end though, it was a GREAT series and the better team prevailed…hats off to both the Heath Hawks and Poteet Pirates as they both displayed good, hard-nosed, fundamental baseball…let’s just move on and support all of our North Texas area teams at the State Tourney!

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