Grandmother of Wylie’s Angel gets 28 years

(NBC5-TV News) Darlene Phillips, the 64-year-old grandmother of 6-year-old Gerren Isgrigg, aka “Wylie’s Angel,” plead guilty to the murder of her grandson Wednesday and has been given a sentence of 28 years in prison.

Phillips entered the plea in an attempt to avoid dying in prison on a life sentence and to spare her family any possibility of further charges and the stress of a trial.

Last week Phillips was indicted on a second charge of injury to a disabled elderly person or child, a first-degree felony.  She had previously been indicted for murder in connection with the boy’s death.


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  1. peps says:

    darlene phillips deserves to rot and live with her guilt for the rest of days. All she had to do was leave her grandson gerren in a public place so he’d be found and given appropriate care, but no she left him like an animal in middle of no where in woods, how sick and how can any grandmother do that is beyond me, yes she was under immense pressure of caring for gerren but she knew what she was doing and condeming him to. Where was so called parents, i hear he hadnt seen gerren in years ‘what a dad’ hes another who shouldnt sleep at night, i here dad acknowledges his mistakes well woopie doo he just realised!!! Lets hope gerrens dad doesnt want more kids in future.

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