Texas legislators finalizing 8% RISD, RCISD budget cuts

AUSTIN – Texas House-Senate lawmaker budget negotiators voted 9-1 yesterday for a two-year state budget that would cut Rockwall and Royse City ISD state funding, as well as overall Texas school funding, by 8 percent.

Cuts are less than were feared as a result of last minute accounting maneuvers. Rockwall ISD administrators had feared cuts as high as 9 to15 percent, or 15-23 percent of its overall budget.

The full House and Senate are now expected to vote on the $172.3 billion budget Saturday, which does not raise taxes, nor dip into the State’s rainy day fund to help close the coming fiscal year’s multi-billion dollar shortfall.

It shorts public schools to what they’re entitled to under current law by $4 billion.

If passed as expected by both houses, and signed by Gov. Rick Perry, the budget would be $20 billion less than the current budget.

According to a chart prepared by The Texas Tribune, Rockwall ISD’s budget would be cut by approximately $8,580,516, from its current $103,111,782 to $93,973,809.

Royse City ISD’s budget would be cut by approximately $2,976,728, from $37,209,095 to $34,232,367.

The budget compromise will rely on federal funds for one-third of state revenue, far less than the 39 percent federal share of the budget approved two years ago.

By J.J. Smith, Publisher


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