Rockwall school board approves outsourcing of transportation, custodial services

ROCKWALL – The Rockwall ISD Board of Trustees voted unanimously, 7-0, to approve the outsourcing of transportation and custodial services last night at their monthly meeting at the RISD Administration building, in hopes of saving millions of dollars over the next five years.

Affected by the decisions are the jobs of about 125 transportation and 115 custodial services department employees.

Service Solutions (SSC) will now be awarded the custodial services contract, beginning July 1, which RISD Executive Director of Facilities, Planning & Construction Greg Carver stated will save RISD $650,000 next year. He explained that the initial contract is for one year, with four additional years to be negotiated annually.

Durham School Services will be awarded the transportation contract, also beginning July 1, which RISD Chief Financial Officer Mike Singleton said should save the school district $500,000 annually and over $2.5 million over five years.

Just how the outsourcing will save the school district millions of dollars has not yet been revealed – publicly, at least. has asked RISD to provide those details.

After limited discussion and before voting, board members asked Singleton and Carver for one last assurance that all transportation and custodial services department employees will be rehired. Both assured the board they will be.

Board member Chris Cuny moved the Board accept Carver’s custodial services recommendation and Craig Zurek seconded the motion.

“If we’re going to save this much money, then I move we go ahead and accept the recommendation,” said Cuny (or something very similar – the sound system is not the best).

Before voting for transportation outsourcing, Board members asked for an assurance that students who live within two miles of schools will be bused to schools. Singleton said they would.

After attending the meeting, several transportation department employees expressed skepticism about whether they will actually be rehired by Durham.

They said morale is low among department employees because they are worried that their jobs are now lost. They said they were deeply disappointed with board members for their limited number of questions asked of Singleton and Carver.

“They just threw us under the bus,” said one employee.

“They just rubber-stamped it,” said another.

“We recycle trash but throw away people,” said another.

The employees stated they can only hope now that Singleton and Carver will keep their promises and ensure they are rehired by SSC and Durham.

By J.J. Smith, Publisher


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  2. mroberts says:

    would hope you will get a brake down on how and where out sourcing will save $500,000.00 a year.
    How can an outside company do it cheper with Rockwall keeping controll and they still make money?
    Are they better administrator?

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