Victory is Sweet for conservative candidates across Rockwall County in City, school board elections

ROCKWALL – Victory was Sweet for several conservative candidates tonight in Rockwall, Fate, Heath and the Rockwall ISD. Voters clearly sent a message that they want local leaders who will hold a tight rein on local government spending and represent the people in a transparent manner.

Final results showed two-term Rockwall City Council member David Sweet (top row left) as the landslide winner in the Rockwall mayoral race, beating two-term Council member Glen Farris with 70.15% of the vote – 1,565 to 557. Former but ailing Council member Sam Buffington received 109 votes.

Sweet said he was thrilled at his victory party after the election results were announced. He agreed that, judging by the totals County-wide, voters clearly want conservatives across the board in Rockwall County. He added that Farris did congratulate him personally at the Election Office downtown but then quickly left.

Replacing Mayor Sweet on the Council in the Place 1 seat will be fiscal conservative blogger David White (top row middle), who received 1,067 votes (53.35%), compared to Bob Lewis with 731 votes, and Freddie Jackson with 202 votes.

White said he is very happy with the results and somewhat relieved, stating that he thought the difference was “walking, walking, walking” the neighborhoods to introduce himself and his message to homeowners.

Conservative Michelle Smith (top row right), whose husband is an auditor and who said she believes the City should be very frugal with its spending, won the Place 5 Council seat, with 854 votes (41.88%) over Connie Jackson, with 645 votes, and Dennis Lewis, with 540 votes.

With a big smile, Smith stated she was thrilled that voters sent such a conservative message.

“Voters said: ‘We’ve spent enough’,” she smiled.

She will replace Matt Scott, who has reached his term limit.

Replacing Farris in the Place 3 race will be Bennie Daniels (second row left) who received 1,003 votes (50.63%) to Mike Townsend’s 808 votes (40.79%) and Bill Watts’ 170 votes.

In Fate, conservative John Stacy (second row middle left) defeated incumbent Forest Murley.

In Heath, conservative Justin Holland (second row middle right) beat Becky Eason Burkett.

Stephanie Adams (second row extreme right) defeated incumbent Dr. Stan Lowrance in the RISD Board of Trustees race by about 100 votes, with Randy Oakes a distant third.

Final vote totals will be added as soon as they are received.

By J.J. Smith, Publisher





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