TEA Party member, blogger David White running again for Rockwall Council

ROCKWALL – Rockwall TEA party member and conservative blogger David White, who says he believes the Rockwall City Council needs “a true fiscal conservative,” is running for Council Place 1 in the May 14 city and school board election.

He campaigned last year for Council, as well, but lost in his bid to unseat Margo Nielsen.

His opponents are owner Bob Lewis and charter bus company owner Freddie Jackson.

White, who says he has attended every regular Council meeting for the past two years and therefore has “a unique insight into what is needed on Council and how to get things done,” uses satire and humor to blog about Council actions at

He works as a technical solutions systems integrator for a Rockwall company owned by his father, John White, who founded the Rockwall TEA Party.

Raised in Rockwall, the candidate is a 1993 graduate of Rockwall High School, who graduated from El Centro College in Dallas in “Food and Hospitality.” He worked as a chef and in catering businesses from 1995 to 2002.

White says because he has “a deep love” for his hometown and wants “to make sure that it is always a great place to live and work,” he wants to ensure the city is financially responsible.

“In these uncertain economic times it is vital to have a conservative in city council to ensure that we are fiscally responsible and business friendly to keep ourselves out of the financial troubles that have plagued so many other cities.”

“As a true conservative, I will be diligent in my efforts to keep Rockwall in good economic standing.”

He believes that “tax dollars must be used wisely.”

“All spending should be carefully examined – whether it be a thousand dollars or millions,” he explained. “Debt should only be incurred when it is vital to meet a community need or by vote to meet a community desire. With a bond election in November that could reach into the neighborhood of $60 million if passed, Rockwall must have a true fiscal conservative to guarantee the money is spent wisely and we get the most for our money.”

White also believes Rockwall must become more business-friendly.

“We must develop an economy that can provide quality, local jobs and a tax base that is not dependent on our neighboring cities,” he said. “We need to make sure existing businesses have the cooperation of City Council to grow and prosper. We must also listen to the expertise of businesses that want to be in Rockwall and balance the needs of business with the needs of the community. A quality commercial tax base is key to keeping residential tax rates low and long term economic sustainability.”

He also thinks Rockwall should have an “open government.”

“Everyone is Rockwall has the right to know what is going on at City Hall. It is your city,” said White. “We must take greater steps to let citizens know what is happening and encourage input openly.”

“We shouldn’t be surprised by council actions. We should know about important actions by council long before enacted. City council should be representative of the people and vote the will of the people. This can only be done if citizens are involved and informed.”

For information, visit or his Facebook pages.

By J.J. Smith, Publisher


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