Charter bus company owner Freddie Jackson running for Rockwall Council seat

ROCKWALL – Charter and shuttle bus company owner Freddie Jackson is one of three candidates campaigning for Rockwall City Council Place 1 in the May 14 city and school board elections.

His opponents are PlanetRockwall.com co-owner Bob Lewis and system integrator David White.

Two-term City Council member David Sweet gave up the Council seat to run for Mayor.

A Rockwall resident since 2007, Jackson is married to Demetria Carwile, whose great-great grandparents settled in Rockwall in 1917. They have four children and three grand-children.

Jackson worked for the U.S. Postal Service for 13 years before forming Star Charters, Inc. which provides daily shuttle bus services locally and charter bus services to locations nationwide.

He said he was attracted to Rockwall by the hometown atmosphere and the disciplined and structured school system.

Raised in a small town in Louisiana and a graduate of Texas Southern University in television production and radio broadcasting, Jackson says he has attended Council meetings for three years, understands the needs of city residents and will represent the people when elected.

“Being from a small town in Louisiana, I know and understand small town values,” he explained. when I first visited Rockwall more than 15 years ago, I felt as if I were home again.”

“Rockwall is a beautiful place to live, established and organized by the visions of our forefathers. Rockwall is a city of cultural diversity. Today we must also have a vision for tomorrow for our citizens and our city.”

“If I am elected to the City Council I will represent the people and the city in the most effective means possible in all issues affecting our communities and the stability of our city government.”

“I plan to help the people and the city itself to become more progressive for many years to come. I believe that with my working and business experience, the support of the people and my faith in the Lord, these things are possible and can have a very positive effect on the City of Rockwall.”

He said “in keeping with the Hometown 2k plan for the City of Rockwall and the people” his attention would be primarily on improving community safety, transportation, infrastructure and economic development.

Community Safety:

“I will work with law enforcement agencies and the citizens to create programs to improve safety in our communities,” he explained. “I will work with other organizations to implement programs for our youth, diminishing drug use and petty crimes committed by our youth in our schools and communities.”


“I will work to develop a plan to relieve traffic congestion within the city and along the I-30 corridor due to the city and county’s population growth. I will work with the mayor and other council members to create a plan to adopt a transportation system into the city.”

He said he favors having DART build a rail line to Rockwall.


“I support recycling and the effort of the city to purchase and secure the right to serve residents of Lake Rockwall Estates in providing water and sewer services, as well as better road conditions for all residents of Rockwall.”

Economic Development:

“I will promote the effort to draw large businesses to the area creating jobs and keeping our tax dollars at home.”

Jackson added that he has been involved for several years in the annual Thanksgiving “Feed the Homeless” feast, established 13 years ago by Dallas-Ft.Worth African-American community leaders. He provides free transportation and delivery services to DFW area residents.

For more information, visit www.freddieforrockwall.com/ or email him at fjackson4rockwall@att.net.

By J.J. Smith, Publisher


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