Deuell puts Planned Parenthood in no-win scenario

(Texas Observer) AUSTIN – Bill to renew Women’s Health Program axes Planned Parenthood

Updated May 3 1:26 p.m. This morning the Senate Health and Human Services committee voted 6-1, with two absent members, to send SB 1854 to the Senate floor. Sen. Jose Rodriguez, D-El Paso, voted against the measure.

Imagine this decision facing women’s health advocates: Either support a bill that renews a crucial family planning program but likely cuts services, or risk losing the program entirely.

That’s the no-win scenario a bill by Sen. Bob Deuell (R-Greenville)—scheduled for a committee vote on Tuesday—puts them in. Senate Bill 1854 renews the Women’s Health Program, a Medicaid-funded program set to expire this year that provides birth control and basic health screenings to 90,000 low-income Texas women.


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  1. thomas ripp says:

    It is short sighted and alarming that we think bob duell and his committee should bring his narrow minded christian values into a woman’s womb and regulate birth control for needy indigent woman.For a party that claims we need less gov’t this is maximum gov’t.It is growing old in Texas,we should quit the cross caring, gun toting, bible thumping, and remember that woman have a right to make difficult decisions without gov’t input .Our fine senator should spend more time working on jobs rather on JOBE

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