Rockwall Co. jury indicts second member of Dallas Medrano family for illegal voting

ROCKWALL – A Rockwall County grand jury has indicted a second member of the politically-involved Medrano family of Dallas on election fraud allegations.

Sylvia Medrano, 36, a supervisor in the Dallas County district clerk’s office, is accused of voting seven times since 2008 in city and county elections when she did not live in the precinct where she was voting.

Illegal voting is a third-degree felony punishable by up to 10 years in prison and a maximum fine of $10,000.

The Texas Attorney General moved the investigation to Rockwall last year after Dallas County Commissioners asked the Attorney General to take on the case. A majority of commissioners in office at the time claimed Democratic District Attorney Craig Watkins was reluctant to do so.

Medrano surrendered last Thursday at the Rockwall County Jail and posted bond.

Raquel Medrano, 22, was also indicted in March by a Rockwall Co. grand jury on one count of voting in a precinct where she does not live.

The Medrano family includes Dallas ISD School Board President Adam Medrano, Dallas City Council member Pauline Medrano and her brother, Dallas County Justice of the Peace Carlos Medrano. A Dallas ISD elementary school is named after their mother, Esperanza “Hope” Medrano Elementary School.

Earlier this year, the investigations began after a Dallas County court of inquiry was ordered to investigate whether Carlos Medrano violated election law by encouraging his niece, Raquel Medrano, and her sister, Veronica Medrano, to lie on voter registration applications in order to vote illegally in his primary contest against Luis Sepulveda.

In sworn testimony, Veronica Medrano said her uncle asked her to vote for him using an Oak Lawn address where she did not live.

Sylvia Medrano is registered to vote using the address of a house on the 2300 block of Knight Street in Dallas, according to election office records. The house, which is owned by Medrano Properties Ltd., is in the voting precinct of Adam, Carlos and Pauline Medrano.

However, property records show that Sylvia Medrano is the owner of a house in the 3800 block of Cortez Dr. in Dallas, which is in a different voting precinct. She has owned that house since 1996.

By J.J. Smith, Publisher

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  1. Gary Lambert says:

    Why would you lie and cheat to win a public office, can’t you win on your own merit. A public figure is a trusted person, not built on deceit, once a liar you’ll never be trusted. The Medrano Family now has black eyes and should never be allowed to hold a public office, especially a supervisor for the Clerks office, you should be terminated, and what’s up with that smile. Is being found guilty of cheating funny to you, what about your Family, will they be smiling when they can’t be trusted?

  2. Pissed Off Tax Payer says:

    You know,
    My brown (hispanics) brothers and sister must realized something, when you lose a war; surrender or is captured, you lose it all to the winner, like playing poker, dishonesty seems to be rampant among this group of folks, and their justification is; “We’re Taking Back Texas”. How can you be considered a worthy opponent in any comtest if you lie and cheat to win.
    What you don’t seem to understand is, your dishonesty cause backlash for honest people (lantinos, hispanic, blacks etc.,) and your brand of winning is not worth the efforts of lying to win. Could it be you know you don’t have the qualification to win a contest like public office in the first place? huh! I wonder. I hope they throw the book at all of you starting with ALL named , serious background check further than property ownership in Dallas County, I wonder what else wil be uncovered.
    Maybe I need to visit the counsel chamber and other public offices where anybody with name hired or otherwise and raise the question of all of you being illegal. You already know what will result from that.
    You need to go to jail for a while, will wipe that smile off your face.

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