Rockwall Police arrest sex offender for failing to comply

ROCKWALL – Registered Sex Offender John Spinelli, aka John Strehl, was arrested at his home in The Shores yesterday by the Rockwall Police Department on a charge of Failing to Comply with Sex Offender Requirements.

According to Lt. Kirk Aldridge, although Spinelli, 67, did properly notify Rockwall Police Feb. 2 that he was moving back to his home at 1570 Champions Dr. – after charges against him were dropped in Galveston – an arrest warrant was issued out of Rockwall County because he failed to comply with at least one requirement.

Aldridge said he could not say what that requirement was since the case is pending in court.

Spinelli is currently being held in the Rockwall County Jail and a bond has been set in the case for $250,000.00.

According to the Texas and Rockwall Sex Offender Registries, he was originally convicted of eight counts of “Rape By Force” of a 15-year-old in in California in Jan, 1977. He was sentenced to and served 15 years in prison for his offenses and was released in Jan, 1992.

Spinelli has used several aliases including various spelling of John Cook, Frank Crawford and John Travis. He is considered a High Risk Level offender.

One resident of The Shores, who has asked not to be identified, said Spinelli’s neighbors were concerned on Halloween last year that the sex offender was at home with his porch light on while handing out treats to children.

More information regarding Spinelli and other sex offenders living in Rockwall can be found on the Rockwall Police Department’s website at http://rockwall.com/PoliceDepartment/Documents/RPDSexOffenders.pdf and on the Texas Department of Public Safety’s website at https://records.txdps.state.tx.us/DPS_WEB/Portal/index.aspx.

By J.J. Smith, Publisher

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5 Responses for “Rockwall Police arrest sex offender for failing to comply”

  1. Joe Blow says:

    I worked with John for a while and had no idea of his past. I would have never guess that he was that type of individual, and perhaps now he is not. For his nieghbors, I understand, I would not risk my childrens and wifes mental or physical well being all in the name of giving John a second chance and to be truthful his nieghbors do not owe him that. most parents will tell you they would die for thier child, i know I would. So i do not find it mean spirited that they (the nieghbors) do what ever they have to protect thier children. In my mind i do not see a bunch of busy body bad nieghbors, i see worried carring parents. That being said we have to be careful how we move forward, because if there truley is no potential for redemption, whether in our justice system or public opinion, then how can rehabilitation ever be realized. If we are not willing to let these types back into our societies (this includes our nieghborhoods) then we can only expect they will resort to thier pre-prison ways. I am a bit torn, I am all for second chances but not at the expense of my own families well being or peace of mind, so i do not expect his current nieghbors to welcome him. So what do we do? Lock them up for Life? If they are released and then rejected by society they will resort back to crime, and it is proven that crimes committed tend to escalate in violence. I guess my point is that we lock them up forever, or let them do thier time, let them out,continue to shun them and wait for the next victims name!

  2. concerned citizen says:

    All of Johns friends have been brainwashed and manipulated. Its what he has done best since he made his introduction to the criminal society in 1962. He was convicted of 8 (yes I said EIGHT) charges of rape by force, where he broke into a record store, held two young females against their will and raped them both multiple times. He was convicted and sent to a California prison, WHERE HE ESCAPED and came to Texas. Only 9 months after escaping, he once again robbed a convenient store, kidnapped the young counter clerk, raped her, then ditched her, kidnapped a midaged lady and threated to shoot her 4 years old sons face off if she did not follow his instructions, he evaded police and was finally captured (THANK GOODNESS). He was again sentenced and placed in a TDCJ prison. Now somebody mentioned that TDCJ made a mistake, yes they are right, TDCJ did make a mistake, he should not have ever been released to parole!! Institutional psychologist obtained letters from judges in California and from locals, who protested his release. SInce his release, he has worked on college campuses, manipulated his neighbors and convinced society that he is a law abiding citizen all because he bargained his way to freedom after recording a conversation in prison that asssted in a great conviction of a murder. All spinelli wanted was a new name…who wouldn’t want a new name with this criminal record. I hope that all of you who are friends with John knew all of this.

  3. How Much is Enough says:

    The guy was in jail since 1962? The court that sentenced him gave him the sentence they thought he should have. TDCJ thought he was not a threat to society and placed him on parole. He has been doing great complying with everything they asked of him. I don’t understand why he is even required to register as a sex offender. There is nothing in his record that indicates he is a sexual predator. I think what is happening here is that a cop had a gun pointed at him, had it been anyone else, no one would give a crap. The state mailed all of his neighbors a letter telling them there is a predator in the neighborhood and they panicked, just like they have been trained to do by their government. I personally think Spinelli was a stupid kid living out some fantasy he learned from TV. But people do grow up and some do even become contributing members of society. To get him on some technicality is just wrong. Had he done something, then lock him up forever, but he has done nothing but try to be a decent person. His parole officer knows he has never been a problem, his neighbors know he has never been a predator. Giving out candy at Halloween warrants calling the police? I don’t know why anyone would want to have neighbors like this. What was he thinking moving into a neighborhood like this? Some of America’s most notorious killers didn’t have to serve such a sentence. Funny how people would rather lock him up than allow him to prove he has changed. Maybe God will be as kind to his neighbors one day.

  4. ThePastCatchesUp says:

    I’m sure that EricDallas is a good friend, but how much does his friend really know about Spinelli? About the 5th Circuit case from 1993? http://law.justia.com/cases/federal/appellate-courts/F2/992/559/44811/ ? About the 1962 police shootings in California? http://mounthelix.patch.com/articles/1962-sheriff-deputy-threatened-with-loaded-gun-by-youth#photo-6082939

  5. EricDallas says:

    Wow, that was 34 years ago. The charge in Galveston was for kicking a dog that jumped on him. I know John personally, and while I wouldn’t want a sex offender living in my neighborhood either, these neighbors of his have never given him a chance to show he is a decent person. They just assume their families are in danger because articles like this paint people trying to do right as a predator. I wouldn’t be much of anything now if it weren’t for John. He has helped me in so many ways. If you had ever given him a chance, you would find out the same thing, I’m certain. If he manages to beat this technicality you have pressured the police to find, he is going to move away from your neighborhood, I will make sure of that.

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