Computer expert: Backing up data on tape drive is bad idea

Bits & Bytes Column, by Sheila Hair, My Computer Guy co-owner.  Think your tape drive is a smart way to back up your data?

You won’t after reading this!

FACT #1: The average failure rate of disk and tape drives is 100%! Incredible, isn’t it? Most people don’t realize that ALL tape drives fail at some point. But what’s really dangerous is that most companies don’t realize that their tape drives have failed until after they try to recover the data stored on them. Only then do they realize that the backups stopped working long ago or that the data is corrupt and can’t be restored.

FACT #2: Having a copy of your data on a tape backup or in some other format does NOT – and I repeat does NOT – guarantee a fast recovery of your data or network. Most people don’t realize that a data backup doesn’t include all your software and settings. If you had to restore your server using your backup data, you would first have to re-install all your software programs and configure the settings. Only then could you install all the data – the entire process can easily take several days.

FACT #3: If you keep your backup onsite, it could be worthless to you in the event of a fire, flood or even a power surge. Smart business owners ALWAYS keep an offsite copy of their data.

If your data is important to your business and you cannot afford to have your operations halted for days – even weeks – due to data loss or corruption, then you need find out the most common and costly mistakes that small business owners make with their data backups. Please contact My Computer Guy for a free report at or by calling 866-537-1279.


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