City Council Candidate Forum scheduled April 26 for 23 candidates across County

ROCKWALL – A non-partisan City Council Candidate Forum for city council candidates in Rockwall, Heath, Fate and Rowlett will be hosted as a public service by Tuesday, April 26, 7-9 pm, at Rockwall High School.

Publisher J.J. Smith said the event is being held to help candidates to promote their campaigns and help voters select which candidates for whom to vote in the May 14 municipal and school board elections.

There are no contested elections this year in either Royse City or McClendon Chisholm.

All 23 candidates now running for nine Council seats have been invited to participate in the Forum. Each candidate will be given one minute for an introduction and then two minutes each to answer two questions which have been provided to candidates ahead of time.

There are nine candidates running for three Rockwall Council seats, two running against each other in Fate, four running for two seats in Heath and eight competing for three seats in Rowlett.

By J.J. Smith, Publisher


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