Texas harms foster children with inattention, shoddy system, lawsuit says

AUSTIN — Texas violates the rights of abused and neglected children by running a shoddy foster care system, the New York-based group Children’s Rights says in a class-action federal lawsuit filed Tuesday.

Too many youths are isolated and linger for years in care, the suit says. The state countered that it is working on fixes and that most foster children are safe.

In the suit, filed in federal court in Corpus Christi, the group zeroes in on about 12,000 youths who’ve been removed from their birth homes by Child Protective Services and kept in the state’s care for more than a year, saying the children suffer after “permanency” deadlines of 12 to 18 months have passed.



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  1. Your absolutely right !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am grandparent involved in one right now in Hunt county.Am very very disgusted with system. No feelings or rights for child. Its all about CPS workers and their call. Child suffers,so confused,so un-fair to child.Contact me about class action suite.

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