Three City Council seats being contested in Heath, Fate

Three City Council seats are being contested in Heath and Fate in the May 14 municipal election.

In Heath, marketing consultant Becky Burkett and bank commercial loan officer Justin Holland are campaigning to replace Karen Lewis, whose term ended.

Attorney Barry Brooks will seek to unseat incumbent Steve McKimmey.

In Fate, John Stacy will campaign against incumbent Forest Murley.

Other incumbents seeking re-election who are not opposed are Bob Hille and Rich Krause in Heath.

In Fate, Kerry Wiemokley and K.C. Erwin are unopposed.


Place 1: Bob Hille (incumbent)

Place 2: Justin Holland and Becky Burkett

Place 4: Steve McKimmey (incumbent) and Barry Brooks

Place 6: Rich Krause (incumbent)


Place 1: Kerry Wiemokley

Place 3: Forest Murley (incumbent)

John Stacy

Place 5: K.C. Erwin

By J.J. Smith, Publisher




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  1. Anon says:

    Why put up signs if you are not running against someone? It is just cluttering the landscape with faded useless information.

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